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01-31-00, 07:04 PM
In all due respect to Joe D. & Lou Gehrig, Ruth etc. the Mick was the best player I have ever seen. It was just a shame that he hurt his knee in that old drain while attempting to get a ball that DiMaggio never call him off of. There was nothing he could not do on a ball diamond. He was a great "Drag Bunter". and to this day I never see anybody try to do it in the super star class

02-01-00, 07:55 PM
I do have a lot of respect fot Mantle, but Ruth is the best. He faced the worst conditons as a child growing up. He had a very hard life and made the most of it. Just my $0.02 cents. http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/smile.gif

Jim F
02-01-00, 08:20 PM
The Mick had bad conditions too, so did Lou G. He almost got DISOWNED by his mother when he decided he wanted to be a baseballer.

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02-02-00, 01:00 PM
Holy Cow! I went and looked back on some of the Yankees before they were Yankees. Dog, some of those guys had REALLY interesting lives. I hate bios but I looked through a lot of them. It was pretty neat.

bronx keed
02-11-00, 09:33 PM
I lived just blocks from the stadium, in fact, there were some nights that from my roof, you could hear the line ups being announced.. I was a micky mantle baby( soon to be released in soft cover) and saw him play over 500 times, (once I even paid to get in) and for my money, he ranks right there at the top of list..the greatest yankee ever..never saw babe or gehrig (tho saw both movies) never saw joe d. but have family that has, and still, after everything is said and done, mick was the mold from which future yankees were made from..I don't think another player from my era, evoked the anticipation, the delight, the spirit of the game, more than the Mick. Watching him hobble up to the plate, watching that swing, the agony on his face, man, it gives me goose bumps...He had an arm, speed, power and the humble attitude that endeared him to any kid that saw him, or heard of him. That smile he had, made the news worth watching. Hell, every kid wanted to be the mick, some of us ruined perfectly good tee shirts by using a magic marker to put that legendary 7 on the back..I think of seven, and I think of Mickey Mantle. The home runs, what power, what distance, from both sides of the plate..I remember seeing him for the last time driving around in a golf cart, waving at the fans, fighting back the tears..people were going nuts..I cried that day, and still shed a tear when I think of seeing him walk off the field, that number 7, growing smaller and smaller as he walked of into the distance. No doubt in my mind, that the mick, is still swinging at bad pitches in heaven, but never strikes out..Move the fences back Saint Peter, the Mick is coming up..


Yanks-Past and Present
02-12-00, 10:48 AM
Very well said BK.

Well, I never saw either of them play, only in videos and pictures, but I would consider Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle the greatest I've ever seen (not in real life of course). The both had the energy, the stamina, the determination, and the overall total skill, needed to be the best. Like BKeed, when I see the number 5, the first thing I think of is the very first clip I saw of Joe D.

I know this is a topic about Mantle, but I'm just saying why I think Joe D. was the best.

The clip was a WS against the Dodgers in which one Yankee player (I'm not sure who), slides into home and just beats out the Dodger catcher, the catcher is stunned at the call and is kneeling there staring at the plate, when Joltin' Joe runs in to the plate with a brilliant slide, in which only the tip of his foot touches the plate, and the rest of his body stays clear away from the catcher. Some of you may know what play I'm talking about, for others you probably find that hard to picture. Anyway, I consider the Yankee Clipper the greatest ever.

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02-12-00, 04:26 PM
I was Mickey Mantle as a kid.
Bronx keed, I can't think of anything to add.
You nailed the Mick


02-12-00, 05:51 PM
BK...thank you for sharing your wonderful memories! I still remember that summer night when I was growing up, the yelling and screaming in our living room when one of his homers hit the facade in right field...it was only inches away from going right out of the stadium. Haven't seen anything like it since...he was so awesome.


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rick millman
02-13-00, 04:00 PM
I grew up in the Bronx and on my block everyone was a Mickey guy. He will always be in my thoughts and I have told my son enough about him that Mickey will go on in his lifetime. Mickey in my heart was not the best but he was the greatest when it came to the fans. No one could hit the ball as far and run, forget it, no one could run like the Mick. Jesse Owens said Mickey could have been a world class sprinter if given the proper training. If he only did not get hurt, the numbers he could have put up. But the numbers he did put up were still tremendous. That is one of the reasons I love Paul O'Neill. He has the same passion as Mickey had. The idiot sports writers call him selfish, but they do not know passion to do the best one can do. Hell Mickey use to punch the wall. No it wasn't because he was selfish, he was mad he let the team down. Mickey will always be my hero.

02-15-00, 07:13 PM
Now this is a topic I can get into. The Mick was the greatest player I ever saw play the game. He played 18 seasons on bad wheels and never quit a day. Can you imagine what he could have done with the healthy legs. I personally believe he was the greatest switch hitter the game has seen. He was deadly from both sides of the plate. Micky was truly a Yankee legend.

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02-19-00, 12:32 AM
BK---you brought tears to my eyes.

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02-19-00, 09:33 PM
Bronx Keed,
I really appriciate your memories of Mickey Mantle. I'm only 16, so I couldn'y even amagine what it would be like to see him play. I really enjoy other peoples accounts of seeing some of the all time greats play.
Maybe 1 day, I can reflect apoun Jeter, Bernie, and Mariano in the same manner,

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02-28-00, 12:58 PM
I saw Joe D play and he was a super Ballplayer, the epitome of grace. Rizzuto was fantastic at SS and a clutch hitter. Of course Dj today is far and above what Phil was but in his time Rizzuto was the best. Ted Williams was the best pure hitter I saw and Stan Musual was a tremendously underrated player. Willy Mays was utterly fantastic, probably the best ALL AROUND player I saw. But Mickey had more talent than anyone I ever saw play this game. Mickey's injury in the 1951 WS, his problem with osteomylitis and maybe also the pressure put on him to succeed by his Father, Mutt Mantle caused him not to have the career he was destined to have.
As it was Mickey did have a great Hall of Fame career and will always be remembered as one of the top 5 Yankee players ever.


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03-04-00, 09:05 PM
That was a great story. I love stories like that. I am only 14, probably the youngest person who replyed to you. My wish was to see Mickey Mantle play, but I couldn't. My Dad's favorite hero, is Mick. And I have learned a lot about him. It's too bad he past away,
I would have loved it if I could talk to him.
Thank you again!


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