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rick millman
02-13-00, 03:45 PM
I have a 13 year old son and I tell him how double headers were common place. I remember on a warm day, usually a Sunday you get to the game at about 11 and take in batting practice. And in those days the Yankees use to hit last at batting practice so you use to see them, not like now. But yu sit back and enjoy 2 games for the price of a grandstand seat of $1.50. And the games lasted about 2 hours. God how I miss those days. We use to have at least 4 to 6 hot dogs that if I remember cost a quarter. And lets no forget I could see Mantle. I still cannot believe he is gone.

02-13-00, 06:20 PM
Hi rick,

My early Yankee memories are after the Mick, from '71 on. At that time Bobby Murcer was the man. I remember a double header against the Brewers that was also "Bat Day", I think it was in '72. I was there with my Pop and my brothers. Whenever the Yanks would start a rally, the fans would bang their bats on the concrete and the whole Stadium would shake, it was fantastic!

It would be a nice for the fans if the Boss would have a couple double headers, but everything is about the bottomline.



rick millman
02-13-00, 06:29 PM
In those days the travel days use to be on Monday and Thursday. It took a little longer to get around. But now the owners look on the double headers as a waste of money. The new thing is the day night double headers. Clear out the ball park so you can play the night game. Yep the bottom line, but with the salaries going through the roof you really cannot blame the owners.


02-14-00, 09:46 AM
I remember going to a Ball Day doubleheader against the Senators in '69 or '70. I don't remember anything about the games.

Also a doubleheader against the Angels in '74 or '75 (at that horrible stadium in Flushing). The Angels threw two guys named Ryan and Tanana. The Yanks lost both. It was raining most of the day. I was with a family of Mets fans, so I did not have the best time in the world.

Finally a doubleheader against the Tigers in '76. I was 13, and I took my Dad (my money) and bought upper deck seats. He had to pay for the parking and the food, etc. The Tigers pitched Mark Fidrych and Mark Rozema (I think). I think we split that day.

I also went to a doubleheader at the Vet in 1990 (Phils - Expos). It was cold and drizzly, and we left in the esecond inning of game two. What a horrible stadium that is.

I would like to see the occasional twinbill scheduled, but I'm not holding my breath. I feel more strongly about more day games, both during the week and on Saturdays. Given the increase in ticket sales for Sunday games over the rest ofthe week, you'd think they would play more Saturday afternoon games (maybe starting at 3:00 instead of 1:00). I think they'd draw more fans than they do at night.

Day games are critical to bringing young fans to the game. Without them, baseball is doomed, as kids will turn to the other sports.

EDIT -- I just looked at the schedule for 2000. The Yankees have scheduled ALL of their Saturday home dates for either 1:05 or 4:35. Most of their Saturday road games are at night. At least the Yankees understand the value of day games. There are also a significant number of day games during the week. I couldn't be more pleased.
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02-14-00, 04:18 PM
In the "old" days games were shorter, travel times were longer, all stadiums weren't lighted, TV revenue wasn't that substantial. Back to back doubleheaders today would last about 6 or 7 hours. Take away the lights, take away the batting gloves, and I'll sit in the bleachers all afternoon - Beers on me!


02-14-00, 08:15 PM
My personal favorite was the twi-night doubleheader...start out in the warm sunshine...finish out under the lights...the best of both worlds. Gee, I forgot how much I miss the way things used to be!


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02-18-00, 10:53 PM
I remember going to twi-night doubleheaders, they were the best! I think that even if the owners decided to take a revenue cut and schedule some doubleheaders (which I don't see happenning), the length of the games these days would probably throw a major wrench in the works. I would have no problems sitting at the ballpark for 7 1/2 hours, but a lot of people might.

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