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02-05-00, 04:15 PM
Here's some Unusual and Unforgettable Moments from The Sporting News website.....

Unusual and Unforgettable Moments

1) Short promotion amuses Browns fans, 1951
St. Louis Browns owner Bill Veeck shocked the baseball world when he signed midget Eddie Gaedel and sent him to the plate in the first inning of the nightcap of a doubleheader against Detroit. Gaedel, wearing uniform No. 1/8, walked on four pitches, trotted to first and left for a pinch runner.

2) Too much pine tar, umpires rule, 1983
George Brett's two-run, ninth-inning homer off Goose Gossage, apparently giving Kansas City a 5-4 win at Yankee Stadium, was wiped out by umpires who ruled he had too much pine tar on his bat, thus making it illegal. Brett's tirade was recorded for posterity and officials eventually overruled the decision, resulting in a Royals' victory.

3) Rick Monday rescues the flag, 1976
Chicago Cubs center fielder Rick Monday made a dramatic catch when he dashed into left field at Dodger Stadium and snatched an American flag away from two protesters, who were trying to set it on fire. The patriotic Monday earned a standing ovation from 25,167 appreciative Los Angeles fans and became a national celebrity in baseball's Bicentennial season.

4) Yanks win, with help from a friend, 1996
Jeff Maier, a 12-year-old fan at Yankee Stadium, stuck his glove over the right field fence and pulled in a long drive by Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter, a ball that might have been caught by Baltimore outfielder Tony Tarasco. The controversial play was ruled a home run and the Yankees went on to record a 5-4 win in the opener of the ALCS.

5) Marichal attacks Roseboro, 1965
Juan Marichal, thinking Dodgers catcher John Roseboro had whizzed a return throw too close to his ear, turned around and attacked him with a bat, touching off a 14-minute brawl that shocked 42,807 fans at Candlestick Park.

6) Disco Demolition Night goes awry, 1979
White Sox owner Bill Veeck watched helplessly as his Disco Demolition Night promotion turned into an out-of-control bonfire and riotous romp for unruly fans at Comiskey Park, forcing the White Sox to forfeit the second game of a doubleheader against Detroit.

7) Earthquake interrupts World Series, 1989
Just moments before the start of World Series Game 3 between San Francisco and Oakland, an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale rocked Candlestick Park, a phenomenon that caused death and destruction in the Bay Area and forced postponement of the classic for an unprecedented 10 days.

8) Lonnie Smith freezes and Braves lose, 1991
Smith might have cost Atlanta a World Series when he was duped by Minnesota infielders into thinking Terry Pendleton's eighth-inning double had been caught and failed to score, a baserunning gaffe that spiced up a Game 7 eventually won by the Twins in 10 innings, 1-0.

9) Idle Ripken steals the spotlight, 1998
This memorable moment was precipitated by a man who decided not to play in a game. Baltimore third baseman Cal Ripken unexpectedly announced before the Orioles' final home contest of the season that he would sit out and end his record consecutive-games streak at 2,632. The Yankees' 5-4 victory was lost in the shadow of the historic moment.

10) Denkinger says safe, Cards boil, 1985
A safe call by A.L. umpire Don Denkinger lives in infamy in St. Louis. When Jorge Orta was ruled safe at first base (replays showed he was out) leading off the ninth inning of World Series Game 6, Cardinals players and manager Whitey Herzog argued vehemently. The Royals went on to score two runs and claimed a 2-1 victory and then captured their first title the next night with an 11-0 win over the still-fuming Cardinals.

Does anyone have any comments?

I was at the game (#9) in Baltimore when Ripken decided to end his streak. I think it caught most of the crowd by surprise. I recall the Yankees were the first to acknowledge Cal by coming to the top of the dugout steps and leading the crowd in a long standing ovation. It was an exciting game, which the Yanks won 5-4, of course.....

I remember some of the other moments, but the one that stands out is the brawl(#5)that the Giants-Dodgers had in '65. Though I was only a few years old at the time, I've seen the "highlights" of the fight. It's considered by many to be the worst brawl in baseball history. These two teams really didn't care for each other, and it showed.

Go Yanks!

02-05-00, 10:14 PM
i remember jeffery maier's catch in 1996. that was a lucky break for the yanks. i also remember watching cal end his streak on tv. i don't remember the yanks winning that game, but that was lost in the moment of history. i also remember the earthquake in 1989 cause i believe it happened on my 8th birthday. but thats the only reason i remember that one. thanks bxny, cool list!

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yanksgirl24 will be missed.