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01-26-01, 08:10 AM
Man am I ever tired of all the hoopla and media attention given the Super Bowl. I know that I am excited to see the Gints there but the excess of publicity has really gotten to me. Two weeks is absolutely too much time between the divisional Championships and the SB.

I was listening to FAN yesterday hoping to hear a little about baseball. Nothing! But Suzyn Waldman was in Tampa in a convention hall with 3000 other media representatives and even she was tired of all the media attention. She related a story where a femal media rep asked one player "if you weren't a male (were a female) what would have been your career choice?". Suzyn rightly said that was one of the dumbest Q's she has ever heard. She had another femal media type from the Boston area who reported that she was a babysitter for one of the Ravens players and even changed his diapers. Come on now do we really need to hear that??
For the last week and a half I have tried to avoid reading watching or listening to any Super Boal reports. I am tired of them. Of course I will watch the game but I will not read Monday (or any day thereafter) any post game analysis. Fortunately for me I am spending Monday and Tuesday spending time in the Everglades and Florida Bay fishing for Bass, Tarpoon and Snook. Wish me luck.


What would have happened if there were two weeks delay between baseballs division championships and the WS, esp in this years Subway Series?? We probably would have heard that Brosius was once caught throwing a snowball at a car when he was twelve, that O'Neill cut off the pigtail of a girl sitting in front of him in the third grade, that Derek covered trees on his neighbors property one mischeive might, that Justice was suspended for a day in the sixth grade for mouthing back to his teacher, that El Duque once was arrested in Cuba for throwing darts at a photo of Castro, That Chuck Thomas Knoblach was named for Thomas Jefferson and that his father wanted him to be President, ond on and on and on...

COME ON PLAY THE DAMNED GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-26-01, 08:28 AM
Nome, I agree with you. But if you think YOU're sick of the hoopla, consider those of us living in the Tampa Bay area.

There are a few good things that come of it though.

1) All the merchants in the Tampa Bay area are sold out of sweaters, jackets and blankets, providing a much needed boost to the retail economy of the area. Why??? Because none of the idiots from up north who came down for the game thought to watch the Weather Channel, and apparently got off the plane wearing shorts and T-shirts, only to find that the high temps have been in the 50s and low 60s for a week. HAHAHA!!!

2) We no longer have to watch convenience store robberies and domestic altercations on the nightly news. The ONLY news, all day, all night, is the Super Bowl.

3) The people of Hillsborough County, who have been paying through the nose for the new stadium the Glazers needed for THEIR team, are finally seeing a payoff in increased tourist dollars.

I can't wait for it to be over. I'm getting prepped for Spring Training and warmer weather. I don't even care who wins. They should all just spend their money here and GO HOME!!!

01-26-01, 08:41 AM

I was in Orlando in early January (1/7-1/10) because my son was running in the Disney Marathon. At the start of the race it was 31 degrees! Man did my wife and I ever freeze watching the race. Every day we were there the early morning temp was in the thirties going up to the high 60's to low 70's.

I am flying down tomorrow for a five day fishing trip in the Everglades out of Ft Lauderdale and in the Keys out of Islamorado. The forcast is for high 80's. Man with snow forcast for tomorrow I can't wait.

My son and I will be in the Tampa area 3/8 -3/13 to take in a few games at legends field and a few more in Al Lang field (St Pete). We plan on staying in the Holiday Inn in Madiera Beach. We've been there before and it is a great spot.

I am glad that all this media blight is helping someone.

01-26-01, 12:46 PM
Originally posted by Neila1215
They should all just spend their money here and GO HOME!!!

Reminds me of my two favorite Florida bumper stickers:

1) Welcome to Florida...Now GO HOME

2) Why do they call it tourist season if we're not allowed to shoot them?

01-26-01, 07:45 PM
I wish they'd play the game already. The media hype is too much. And I'm soooo sick of the Ravens bragging about how great they are, as if the Giants should just not bother showing up on Sunday. :rolleyes: Even if I didn't have a rooting interest in the Giants, I'd want to see them win just to shut those boobs up!

Yanks-Past and Present
01-26-01, 10:25 PM
I tired of everything. I'm tired of the Ravens and the Giants ruling the newspaper, and how there is an 18 page 'Superbowl Special Section' every freakin' day, and how the news on TV doesn't mention anything in sports except,

"The Ravens....blah blah blah, the Giants....blah blah blah...offensive....defensive....solid running....Superbowl XXXV!!!!"

But, of course, the media still has complete control over us, I mean, even with all this complaining by me and everybody, who isn't going to watch the Superbowl?