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01-16-01, 01:24 AM
Jim, any chance of adding a traditional style text-type chat room to the site? I am on a macintosh so can't do the "voice chat" thing that requires Windows, and would rather do the old style type-type-type kind... I'm sure a chat room would be quiet right now, but during the season it would be a good place to go during games! (And immediately after!)


Jim F.
01-16-01, 12:17 PM
It's harder than you think it would be to implement a good chat room. In order to run a chat room that runs on IRC/Java standards, I'd need to setup a separate physical chat server somewhere, in addition to purchasing the software to power the chat room itself. This means one thing: $$$$$ - which I currently don't have.

The chat room we currently use is what I found to be the best *free* chat service. The voice part of it is an added feature, it functions as a normal text-based chatroom as well. In addition, it is the only chat service I've found that can directly integrate with the forums - one of the reasons I like it.

I agree that it is not the best solution out there, but for our needs and my budget, it works perfectly. As I've said before, I would consider investing in a decent chat package as long as I knew it would be used. Last year there was rarely (if ever) anyone in the chat room, and that was before we moved to the current chat program. I think the chat room is under-utilized as it is, and therefore cannot justify the added expense of a decent chatroom program.

If I see the current chat room being used regularly & frequently, I would definitly start making plans for an improved chat room. As for now, that's the best I can do. I'll talk to some fellow geeks, and see what they recommend.


PS: Since you're on a Mac, the voice chat is the least of your problems ;)

01-17-01, 08:43 AM
Cecilia, I have been in the chatroom a number of times and have used both the voice and the typing text. Sometimes there's a mixed bag with some people talking and some typing. It was a bit strange, but fun. Can you at least hear the people talking, even if you can't join in? In the end, I tend to prefer the typing, myself. I would be in the chatroom more if there was some type of coordinated effort to schedule chats. Maybe interested parties could post here when they are available and interested in chatting. Also, I believe that during the regular season, the interest will be greater in the chatroom.

Just mho

:) :) :)

01-18-01, 12:44 AM
Thanks for the info, Jim. I was afraid that would be the answer. Certainly a lot of the chat sites I've been to have been under-powered and crashed repeatedly, so it does take some resources to get one running well. (An example, the chat room at http://www.sports-central.org, would ony work under IE not Netscape, and even then with major problems...)

Rita--nope--without being able to run Windows, I can't see any of it. You guys will just have to have fun without me this season!


01-18-01, 02:30 PM
Originally posted by Jim F.
PS: Since you're on a Mac, the voice chat is the least of your problems ;)
What year did Fisher-Price first introduce the Mac anyway??? :lol:

01-18-01, 02:51 PM
Cecilia, I will certainly miss you in the chatroom in the 2001 season!

:( :( :(