View Full Version : Habs vs Isles tonight

01-02-01, 05:58 PM
It's hard to believe that one of these two franchises lofted Lord Stanley's Cup every year from '76 to '83. My, how the mighty have fallen. It's a good thing I have the Yanks, because the Habs are breaking my heart. :( I hope this is like the early '90's was with the Yankees, and that in a few short years the Habs will regain thier prominence.
Tonight it's the battle to not be considered the absolute doormat of the NHL. Maybe we can invite the Panthers and make it a round-robin event - loser moves to the AHL and the other two teams battle for #1 draft pick. :sigh...:

01-02-01, 06:18 PM
Sad to say your Habs and my Islanders would be hard pressed to play 500 hockey in the AHL or IHL....Indeed the mighty have fallen.

01-02-01, 06:38 PM
It really is sad- I feel for Habs fans -Yankee fans had to suffer through that feeling in the mid-late eighties and early 90's and to make it worse the Mets were good then!

i keep trying to figure out what game to go to with my son, who at age 6 has been to 9 games and never seen a win! Tonite's a school night, so we'll just catch it on the tube-may the best (haha) team win!

01-03-01, 10:43 AM
Can it get any worse? Not only do the Habs shut the Islanders out, but their goalie scores a goal....
It's time to DUMP MIKE AND BUTCH !!!

01-03-01, 11:08 AM
That was pretty bad!! I agree-it is time to make some changes-they have no spark at all-you'd think they'd be pissed off and want to prove something-but they are totally flat and unmotivated- time for a change!

01-03-01, 08:34 PM
Well, I'm glad the Canadiens won. I'll take my victories anyway I can get them at this point. Sorry it had to come at your expense though. I know you believe me when I say that I know exactly what your going through. Good luck against Jersey tomorrow.