View Full Version : the PHINS are IN!!!

12-24-00, 03:40 PM
afc east champs baby!!!!

poor, poor jets... vinny testaverde kinda reminds me of richard todd... :lol:

like the saying goes:

same old jets...


12-24-00, 03:58 PM
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just remember who's in first place... ;)

zach, taylor, armstrong, gardner, madison, etc. lead the best dee in football... and remember this, DEE WINS in the playoffs...


you jets fans, always gettin your hopes up... for nuthin'.

you got 3 games left...

at oakland, LOSS;
at GIANTS stadium (vs detroit), LOSS;
at the ravens LLLLOSS!!!

don't sweat it... you can always cheer on the soon to be, afc east champion, dolphins :bad-ass:

i'm a genius ;)

12-24-00, 09:01 PM
I'm beginning to see that Vinny is football's Chuck Knoblauch- does he know he's supposed to NOT throw the ball to the other team?
Mwhahaha..let's march onward my Giants..and destroy all in your path..wmahah...

12-25-00, 08:33 AM
JETS choked hard, at the start of the year they looked pretty good, but they choked, congrat's on the PHIN'S, nobody expected them to win there division nevermind getting into the playoff's, great coaching job, great defense, but ANSKY it's playoff's, THE RAIDERS are in also, let the game's begin!

12-25-00, 09:21 AM
uggh those raiders are a scary team maf...

between them and the broncos, my phins are gonna have a tough road to tampa... hopefully our dee will carry us... got me fingers crossed...

later maf, congrats on your raiders and happy holidays...

12-28-00, 09:29 AM
So much for the die-hard fish fans here in sunny Florida.....According to yesterday's reports, they had to extend the deadline for selling Dullfish PLAYOFF tickets to prevent TV blackout down here....What a joke.