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Stick Michael
12-08-00, 10:45 PM
It would appear that the NHL will once again have the privilege of having "Le Magnifique" (is my spelling right, KC?!?) back on the ice, rejoining forces with the game's best player, Jaromir Jagr.

As a Rangers fan this is bad news but seeing the bigger picture it will be great to see Lemieux once again. It was unfortunate that he was forced to retire so early due to a bout with Hodgkins and back ailments but now that he's healthy and has the desire to return I can only see this being good for the game.

It has been said by some that he's doing this to increase the value of the Penguins, which he owns a large share of, but I don't understand why he has to apologize for making money if what he's doing truly is in the best interests of the team. Enough of this "he's in it for the money" nonsense, this is Mario Lemieux we're talking about here.

Welcome back, Mario.


12-10-00, 05:48 PM
If he can come back as even half what he was when he retired way too soon, all hockey fans will be in for a treat! I am a huge Mario fan (I was at the game where he scored his 500th goal, among just about every other Rangers or Islanders vs. Penguins game during the 80's and 90's), and I cannot wait to see him back on the ice!

Let's Go Super Mario!! Let's Go Penguins! :)


12-18-00, 10:48 AM
The value of my Pens season tix just went through the roof. I am so pleased to get to see Mario again.

(And hi Allybear!)

12-18-00, 01:26 PM
Isn't EVERY athlete in it for the money??? It makes no sense to single Mario out.....If A-rod is worth a quarter of a billion, what would the "old" Mario be worth???

12-20-00, 07:43 PM
Hi PinstripesPA - glad you found this post!! :) I guess I know where you'll be on December 27th, huh?!? We really need a green with jealousy smiley, don't we? But I'm working on tix for the next time the Pens come to MSG!

JP said to me last night, that instead of a "C" for "Captain", Mario should wear an "O" for "Owner on his sweater, whattaya think?!? ;)

Stick Michael
12-27-00, 10:51 PM
First off I thought Mario's pregame ceremony was excellent as they un-retired his number by lowering his 66 from the rafters. Whose ever idea that was definitely had a flare for the dramatic. Beyond that I don't know what to say about his game performance except that I really wasn't surprised. He's just unbelievable. A mere thirty three seconds into the game he was able to notch his first assist by making a pass from behind the net that Wayne Gretzky would have been proud of. Then after scoring a goal on a perfect shot in the second period he concludes the night with another assist thanks to ANOTHER perfect pass he made. 'Guess it was just another night for Super Mario.

What does all this add up to? BAD NEWS FOR THE RANGERS - right now the Broadway Blues are in 10th place and falling fast thanks to an atrocious defense. Pittsburgh's currently 9th in the Eastern Conference but will surely climb now that Lemiuex is back. There are going to be alot of teams fighting for those 7th and 8th cedes. The Rangers better get their act together after New Years if they hope to stay in contention.


12-28-00, 09:23 AM
I am NOT a Penguins fan...However, I AM a hockey fan (Islanders :::sigh::: ). Mario's return is the best thing to happen to the NHL in quite some time....It was terrific to watch him last night.....Three years and 8 months of retirement, and it looked like he merely took a few days off.....Lemieux truly means "the best".

12-28-00, 07:37 PM
It was great seeing Super Mario back and playing just like we'd expect him to! I do think after the next few games, the time off will catch up to him, but I definitely think the Pens are playoff-bound, and Mario will have his legs, hands, and his new love of the game back and ready! I know it is bad news for the Rangers, and I am a Rangers fan too, but I would love to see the Pens doing well in the playoffs (as long as they don't have to face the Rangers, the last time that happenned, it was just too hard on me!), and I just love watching Mario play! Even Snow seemed inspired in goal, and he is not the world's best goalie. Jagr seemed like the Jagr of old with Mario out there, it's a beautiful day to be a Penguins fan! :)

12-29-00, 03:27 AM
Ally, is that why you had a Penguin on your tree?

It was great to see Lemieux back-and really cool that he had an assist 33 seconds into the game and a goal too! It's a good boost for Hockey and Lemieux himself is very inspiring with his recovery from cancer and rescue of the franchise-I've got tickets for the Pens Isles- Oh well, another loss for my son to suffer thru but at least he'll see the real Super Mario!

12-29-00, 05:20 PM
It's great to see Mario back. He's one of those guys that even though he plays for the wrong team you just admire the hell out of him. Now if he would only trade himself to the Habs...

01-02-01, 01:29 PM
Hi Danmel! No, it's really the other way around, I like the Pittsburgh Penguins because I like penguins the bird. Although I do have a Pittsburgh Penguins ornament and the Mario Lemieux ornament on my tree, I had the '92 Stanley Cup ornament too, but it got broken. :(

You are so lucky to have Pens-Isles tix, I tried to get them and couldn't. Between Mario and the Bill Torrey ceremony, no go. You should have a great time, though - it's been awhile since there's been noise at the Coliseum. You and your son should actually be glad I'm not going, I have been to a lot of Penguins games at the Islanders (my company used to have season tix, and because everyone knows I like the Pens, plus I used to live near the Coliseum, I used to always get them), and I have never seen the Penguins lose! We have a connection at the Garden so I'm trying for Pens-Rangers in March, though.

Have fun! :)

01-02-01, 01:49 PM
i just went to my first hockey game this year, so i'm sorta new to hockey. at first i thought this guy was getting too much attention and his return was way overblown. then i started reading about what an amazing player he is and what he's meant to the game. he also seems like a pretty groovy person, as well. now i'm glad he's back and i wish him the best. tho' i'm still not going to root for his team!


01-02-01, 02:12 PM
I would take MARIO over THE GREAT ONE anyday of the week, this guy is nothing but great and can carry a team on his shoulder's.

01-04-01, 06:22 AM
Another goal and assist last night for Super Mario! That makes 3 goals in 3 games- kind of on a GlenAllen Hill kind of tear, eh?

Funny aside- when my son was 4 we spent a week in Toronto-when we came home, he started pre-school-the first day, the teacher wrote an Upper case and lower case A on the board. She pointed and said A, a Danny shot up and said "That's what they say in Canada!"

01-05-01, 12:46 PM
I had Isles season tickets from 78-84.......I've seen Gretzky play quite a few times, including the 83 finals.... I only saw Mario play in person once in 93.....Given a choice, I'd take The Great One every single time.....Don't get me wrong, Mario is fabulous.....However, Gretzky was in a class by himself.

01-06-01, 09:19 AM
He did it again! A goal and two assists last night for Super Mario! I guess I'm in for a losing game (again) on the 13th when Jagr, Lemieux & Co. come in to crus the "Lowly", "Struggling" Isles. When do you think some positive adjective will be used in connection with that team????

Stick Michael
01-06-01, 12:58 PM
Oh, don't feel bad, Damnel...there's another team on the corner of 33rd and Broadway that can't get out of their own way right now. I'm sure Mario and Jagr will embarass them as well. Earlier in the season the Rangers would at least beat the teams they should have been beating but lately the only they've been beating is themselves. They look god awful right now - no team defense, no one clears out anyone in front of the net and to top it off they're having problems scoring now. They're a team that's mentally beaten right now...if you score the 1st goal on them they start thinking, "Here we go again."

Throughout the last few years I've always said that my punishment for being a Yankees fan is me also being a Rangers fan. That's okay. I'll take that tradeoff anyday - I love baseball ten times more than I'll ever love hockey.

Only 88 more days til Opening Day.


01-06-01, 04:02 PM
It's likely the best thing you'll hear about the Islanders this season is "they didn't suck TOO bad last night"...... It's gonna be a long season...
DUMP MOOK AND BOTCH.....Oops, I mean dump Mike and Butch.

01-09-01, 09:02 PM
OK, I have a good (or at least neutral) adjective for the Islanders (I can't believe I'm doing this!): how about the "young" Islanders? I just feel bad for you guys. When you get good again, I will start the bashing that is my right as a Rangers fan! ;) Of course, Stick is so right about the Rangers, I went to the game last night, and they played well for the first and third periods, but...by then the damage was done. And somehow they made the Stars' backup goalie look like Ed Belfour at his best!

And, as we speak, Mario has scored another goal, but the Penguins lost to the Boston Bruins! So, don't feel bad, Danmel, there's hope for the Islanders, if the Pens insist on playing to the level of their competition, anything is possible!

01-09-01, 09:32 PM

I don't even feel so bad for myself, it's my poor Danny boy I feel for! He's been to 10 games and hasn't even managed to see a tie! Oh well-maybe they'll get lucky-they have to win sometime (don't they??). I saw Mark Parrish interviewed between periods of tonite's disaster against the blackhawks and he said he's really nervous about playing against lemieux and excited about watching him play so I'm not too optimistic!!!

Stick Michael
01-09-01, 09:39 PM
Right on, Ally. I think it's time for the Rangers to shake things up a little. Barring an act of god they're not going to make the playoffs so what do they have to lose? Someone on WFAN suggested putting Messier, York and Malhotra on the same line...I wouldn't mind rolling the dice and seeing that happens. I was also glad Low sat Valerie Kamensky against the Stars...it's about time. And as much as I hate to say it maybe it's time to trade Richter. If some playoff bound team makes the Rangers a fair offer for him I hope they take it. 'Hopefully we won't mortgage our future (ala Brendl and Lundmark) before the trading deadline.


01-09-01, 10:00 PM
Did you hear Steve Somers on WFAN after the game? I heard it when we were going home last night, he was talking to some caller about Kamensky and he said, "I wonder if he's qualified for any other line of work, he should look into it". I was :lol:!! He had another great line, but I forgot it now! I hope we do not get rid of either Brendl or Lundmark, Malhotra needs to get his confidence up, he has been pulled here there and everywhere by Rangers management and the changes in management over the past three years. Maybe moving him to Mess' line might help, it couldn't hurt. As for Richter...I feel the same way I did about Cone, I know what should be done, but I can't think about it rationally. He has always been my favorite (of that era, you don't want to start me on Doogie, et al) and it just hurts to see him looking so lost out there.

Danmel - I feel bad for your son too, but it's great that he's a fan. Keep taking him to games, and remember what goes around comes around. Ten years from now, he'll be laughing at me (just like you would have been if you knew me ten years ago, ha ha!!)

01-10-01, 07:23 AM
Originally posted by Danmel
I saw Mark Parrish interviewed between periods of tonite's disaster against the blackhawks and he said he's really nervous about playing against lemieux and excited about watching him play
Perhaps he should buy a ticket and watch from the stands.

01-13-01, 09:32 PM
Well, your son finally got to see an Islanders victory. I watched on TV, they said that it sounded like 1980 in the Coliseum. You guys (especially your son) must have been thrilled, a victory, a hat trick, and Mario being Mario.

I'm sorry that the Pens lost, but if they had to lose, I'm glad you guys got to see it!

01-14-01, 01:58 PM
Finally! To have a full house, an almost Czerkawski hatrick (at the time it sure seemed like it!, the old-timers there! AND A WIN!!! Not your typical Islanders experience! Maybe they'll snap out of it! Plus to get to see Lemieux get two and still win the game was the best of both worlds!

01-14-01, 02:55 PM
Break up the Islanders!!!!!

01-25-01, 01:36 PM
Now Lemieux gets a natural hat trick! It's pretty amazing, isn't it?