View Full Version : Manny Ramirez turns down BoSox deal

12-08-00, 04:29 PM
for, I think, $115 million, 7 years maybe... did any one hear the details? I just caught a snippet of this.

Jim F.
12-08-00, 04:32 PM
Manny won't sign anywhere until Arod does. It's the smartest thing to do.

Here's the link to ESPN's article:



12-08-00, 04:43 PM
thanks, Jim.

12-09-00, 06:02 AM
Gee, I really feel bad for the Dead Sox :lol:!

The CURSE lives!

:cool: :smokin: :cool:

12-09-00, 06:16 AM
Manny will go to the Rockies - no doubt in my mind now! They've acquired Hampton and Neagle and need a powerhitter to offset what will happen to their ERAs in Coors Field. Manny has the chance to set more records in that mountain air.

12-09-00, 07:06 AM
what made them think manny would sign w/ boston for the same dough he turned down from the injuns... typical duquette logic.. manny wants top dollar and would be smart to just sit back and watch his value increase as the free agent market dwindles... he'll go to the highest bidder and i figure the mutts, beantown, and the teams like the rangers or m's if they lose out on arod.