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Year in Summary – Cunning Linguists


Season Statistics[b]

Final Standings

[b]Ruth Division

Team Won Lost Av. % GB
1. Lords of Flatbush 16 2 315.2 88.9 -
2. Cunning Linguists 14 4 287.1 77.8 2
3. West Haven Yankees 10 8 286.4 55.6 6
4. YankeesRule2002 8 10 261.3 44.4 8
5. YRMbombers2002 5 13 247.3 27.8 11

Team Tracking

Seasonal average: 287.1
Seasonal standard deviation: 83.5
Seasonal high score: 455
Seasonal low score: 132


First 6 games: 4-2 (av. 230.3)
Second 6 games: 5-1 (av. 276)
Third 6 games: 5-1 (av. 354.8)

Against Ruth Division: 6-2 (.750)
Against DiMaggio Division: 4-1 (.800)
Against Mantle Division: 4-1 (.800)

Home: 7-2 (.778)
Away: 7-2 (.778)

Interview with #1PaFan, owner of Cunning Linguists

1) What was your immediate reaction after you'd drafted your team?
I was rather worried. I knew I had a decent pitching staff but I was worried about my offense. My worries were well founded, too. I was applauding singles in the early season.

2) What's your assessment of the roster moves you made during the year?
I feel I did rather well. I strengthened by pitching staff thru the waiver wire and added some bats, too. The blockbuster Moose trade really helped, too.

3) What do you think of your team's record, compared to your expectations?
My expectations were actually rather low early in the season. I just didn't feel good about my team then. As the season progressed, I started to clearly see just where I could improve my team. I think I took the necessary steps to go to the next level.

4) Are you planning to return with your team for a 2003 season?
Yes, of course I am. There were some problems, but hell, it was the INITIAL season. It was a lot of fun.

5) Which real-life MLB team did your franchise remind you of this season?
Probably the Athletics, like you referred earlier in the season. Strong pitching; sometimes suspect hitting; damn good GM skills!!!

Player Statistics

Position Players
Note: must play 5 games or more to qualify

Player Position Games Average
F. Catalanotto OF/2B 5 29
L. Berkman OF 6 27.33
R. Palmeiro 1B 18 25
B. Williams OF/U 18 23.78
S. Rolen 3B/U 17 21.76
D. Bell 3B/U 5 19
J. Encarnacion OF 15 18
A. Gonzalez SS 14 15.57
S. Hatteburg C 7 15.43
R. White U/OF 9 14
M. Grudzielenek 2B 9 11.4
M. Alou OF 8 10.75
G. Gil C 6 8.33
C. LaRue C 5 6.8

Average hitter’s score: 16.03
Average hitter’s stay: 7.38 weeks
Note: both calculations include players who did not meet the games played qualification

Note: must play 5 games or more to qualify

Player Position Games Average
J. Washburn SP 13 23.85
M. Mulder SP/P 18 23.81
M. Mussina SP 12 22.83
J. Simontacchi P/SP 6 21.33
J. Moyer SP 18 21.17
J. Johnson SP/P 6 20
E. Dessens P 8 18.5
B. Koch RP 17 16.9
J. Julio RP 16 16

Average pitcher’s score: 15.06
Average pitcher’s stay: 8.47 weeks
Note: both calculations include players who did not meet the games played qualification

Team Leaders

Player HRs Games
R. Palmeiro 33 18
S. Rolen 17 17
B. Williams 17 18
J. Encarnacion 13 15
A. Gonzalez 9 14

Player RBIs Games
R. Palmeiro 80 18
B. Williams 78 18
S. Rolen 77 17
J. Encarnacion 52 15
A. Gonzalez 38 14

Player SBs Games
J. Encarnacion 14 15
S. Rolen 6 17
B. Williams 6 18
M. Alou 3 8
A. Gonzalez 3 14

Player Wins Games
M. Mulder 13 18
M. Mussina 10 12
J. Washburn 9 13
J. Moyer 8 18
B. Koch 6 17

Player Ks Games
M. Mulder 100 18
J. Moyer 88 18
M. Mussina 87 12
J. Washburn 73 13
B. Koch 55 17

Player Saves Games
B. Koch 22 17
J. Julio 20 16

Season Analysis

Just getting warmed up

To say that the Linguists gathered momentum as the season progressed would appear to be a contender for understatement of the League’s history. During the first seven weeks, the Linguists scored 213 or below four times, and failed to hit the 300 mark until week 10. Managing to maintain a winning record during these struggles may be the most impressive accomplishment of the Linguists’ entire season.

Yet all that changed around about the halfway mark of the league. Of the Linguists’ second group of nine games, only one resulted in a score under 300, and three topped 350. The summit of this run was the astounding total of 455 posted during week 14, during which every starter contributed a minimum of 25 points, and the trio of Berkman, Pettitte, and Moyer led their team to a score which remains the highest in the League’s history. Throughout this red-hot streak, the Linguists were only halted by the immovable obstacle of the Lords of Flatbush – a forewarning of things to come in the postseason.

Musical Chairs in the field

Some of this early instability might be explained by the lack of permanence in the roster. Struggling to find consistent hitting performances early, the Linguists disposed of early recruits Rivas, LaRue, Trammell, Catalanotto, and White, even though the Texas second bagger posted the highest average of the entire team. Although the rotation also displayed signs of upheaval, changes in this area were less unpredictable, with solid performers Washburn, Moyer, and Pettitte arriving to replace Mussina, Johnson and Burba. Billy Koch also provided some punch in the bullpen, with a useful regular season and a stellar postseason.

The season evolved into a surprisingly consistent one for the Linguists, with their high variations in scores produced more by month-to-month changes than week-to-week. A rotation without any single ace, but several reliable arms, resulted in five pitchers with averages between 20 and 25. Of the hitters, only Palmeiro, Rolen, and Williams could be considered lynchpins of the lineup, but with productive pickups in Hatteberg, Encarnacion, Berkman, and Young, there were always role players willing to chip in, and as several different recruits reached hot streaks simultaneously in the second half, the Linguists emerged as a near-unstoppable fantasy baseball force.

So close, and yet . . .

The postseason saw a Linguists team brought slightly down to earth by a last-week defeat to the division winners, the Lords, but still confident and raring to go. After handily disposing of a highly dangerous Wolverines team, the Linguists were brought up against the Flatbu................es yet again – the only two teams to meet three times this year. With the season series standing at one game each, the Linguists were unable to grab the prize when it mattered, with a useful total eclipsed by the more powerful Lords. So the Linguists’ season ended at the last hurdle, yet, after the first two months of fantasy baseball, who could even have predicted that they would be playing in September? Given this state of affairs, the Linguists can have few regrets.

The Verdict

The Cunning Linguists can have no complaints. A nearly somnambulant start was practically wiped from the memory by a second half that must be the greatest single winning streak in the League, and although the main prize slipped from their grasp at the end, to have reached the Series at all must be a great achievement in the circumstances.


Right. It looks like I may not be able to get to every team before April (shock horror), so if you want a review of your team, here’s what you do - send in your answers to the five interview questions above, along with the name of your team, to me via Private Message. I’ll post the franchise reviews in order of receipt of the interview answers, although I retain the right to insert my own team’s review wherever the hell I like.

Ooh, and I got that rather nice shiny new job, so I’ll be moving house soonish – more disruption. Pip-pip, cheerio.

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Wow Sax!!! Awesome!! Thanks for the report. You've done (and continue to do) a helluva great job with the league. Thanks again.