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08-11-02, 05:21 PM
Euch. That’s what you get for . . . well, being useless. Short update, as a) only one division still has an active pennant race, and b) I’m really tired, and slightly drunk. Thank me later.

I guess we're going to have to change the name of the league at some point. Wouldn't want to anger the MLB attack dogs, after all.


West Haven Yankees defeated YankeesRule2002 by 297 – 241 points
Lords of Flatbush defeated YRMbombers2002 by 344 – 269 points
German Gold Gloves defeated Italian Ice by 357 – 222 points
Junior’s Bashers defeated Buckeye Bombers by 276 – 226 points
Saxmania’s Swingers lost to Babe’s Piano Playaz by 216 – 221 points
FP Balloon Knots defeated Bad News Bears by 335 – 226 points

Team of the Week: German Gold Gloves (357 points)
Luckiest team of the week: Babe’s Piano Playaz (won with 221 points)
Unluckiest team of the week: YRMbombers2002 (lost with 269 points)
Match-up of the week: Saxmania’s Swingers vs. Babe’s Piano Playaz (5 points of difference in the result)


Ruth Division

Lords of Flatbush (15-2; 313.1 point average)
Cunning Linguists (13-3; 279.6)
West Haven Yankees (10-6; 287.6)
YankeesRule2002 (7-10; 260.5)
YRMbombers2002 (4-12; 244.2)

DiMaggio Division

Michigan Wolverines (13-3; 308.2 point average)
Junior’s Bashers (11-6; 304.6)
German Gold Gloves (7-9; 284.7)
Buckeye Bombers (5-11; 253.1)
Italian Ice (2-15; 231)

Mantle Division

Bambino’s Ghost (8-8; 269.4 point average)
Bad News Bears (8-8 268.9)
FP Balloon Knots (7-10; 276.1)
Babe’s Piano Playaz (7-10; 266.5)
Saxmania’s Swingers (6-10; 261.4)

Weekly Reports

The Bambino’s Ghost managed to grab a share of the top spot in the Mantle Division despite not even playing this week, as the Bad News Bears sunk back to the .500 mark. The FP Balloon Knots, tearing their way up the division, found power hitting from Magglio Ordonez (4 HRs) and Adrian Beltre (3), while Roy Oswalt threw eight scoreless innings for the win. The Bears are in danger of disappearing from contention altogether, having lost five of the last six games they’ve played, and must hope that they can rediscover their form in a hurry. Barren weeks from Ichiro Suzuki and Chuck Finley, plus Eric Milton’s injury problems, left them well adrift of a winning total.

The other chasing teams appeared not to want it very much, but the Playaz demonstrated less will to lose by the eventual five-point margin. Wins for Okha and Sabathia were the main contributions, while the Swingers will bemoan the absence of Edgardo Alfonzo and Al Leiter’s profligacy with the ball. But any team except the Swingers can now win the Mantle Division pennant.

Elsewhere, less of genuine consequence occurred. The German Gold Gloves appear to be targeting the .500 mark with real vigor, disposing of the Italian Ice handily with a pair of Pedro Martinez shutouts and consistent wins (and saves) throughout the rotation. The Bashers also demonstrated their belated quality, as Slammin’ Sammy battered the ball throughout for five homers and fourteen RBIs. The win took the Bashers achingly close to the Wolverines, but without the necessary time to make up the distance.

Little changed in the Ruth Division, as the Lords of Flatbush and the West Haven Yankees both pulled further away from the less successful teams. The Lords’ recent acquisition, Shawn Green, knocked four out of the park, while Eric Gagne continues to be nearly untouchable in the bullpen, saving four. West Haven may not have September baseball to play for, but threw in three high-quality starts from the rotation, and can still impress over the remaining weeks. The Cunning Linguists must now win both their games, and the Lords lose theirs, if the pennant is to fall to anyone but the Flatbu................es.

Fixtures - Week 20, Aug. 11th:

Cunning Linguists v West Haven Yankees
YRMbombers2002 v YankeesRule2002
Michigan Wolverines v German Gold Gloves
Buckeye Bombers v Italian Ice
Bambino’s Ghost v Saxmania’s Swingers
Bad News Bears v Babe’s Piano Playaz


Sorry for the abruptness, but there’s just not that much competition left in most divisions, and my new job is keeping me on my toes as far as free time is concerned. Don’t worry, this will calm down a bit soon. Well, by 2003, I hope.

Be seeing you,


08-11-02, 06:26 PM
Thanks, Sax! :gulp:

08-11-02, 08:37 PM
Thanks sax :)

And still.. the only team undefeated in it's own division.. JUNIOR'S BASHERS!!!! (hey, i gotta be proud of SOMETHING!)

08-11-02, 10:36 PM
I'm all done. When I won 4 straight, I thought I could get something going and make a run at the playoffs, but I've lost all 4 since then. The rest of the season (2 weeks) is just playing out the string.
My biggest mistake was not taking Chuck Finley in a trade from Ansky... I said he was washed up when all he needed was a new team. Oh well, wait 'til next year.

08-12-02, 02:30 AM
Originally posted by Saxmania
The other chasing teams appeared not to want it very much, but the Playaz demonstrated less will to lose by the eventual five-point margin.

That gives me an idea for a fantasy team motto: "We Sometimes Suck Less."

08-12-02, 06:34 AM
Beat them before, beat them now and will beat them anytime else :cool:
Let's go Gold Gloves let's go :D :(

08-12-02, 11:08 AM
thanks sax...

08-13-02, 10:54 AM
Originally posted by Saxmania
The Bambino’s Ghost managed to grab a share of the top spot in the Mantle Division despite not even playing this week

Thanks FP Balloon Knots. I knew you could beat those Bad Bears!

08-24-02, 01:17 PM
Cunning Linguists???? LMAO! :lol: :lol: :lol:

08-24-02, 01:24 PM
Originally posted by PinstripePride
Cunning Linguists???? LMAO! :lol: :lol: :lol:


:) :gulp:

08-25-02, 10:09 PM
Originally posted by #1PaFan


I love that name!!!! It's genious!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: