View Full Version : Special titles?

10-19-00, 10:25 PM
Hey, Jim... do you still give members special titles by request? Like how Kimmie used to be "shotgun"?

If so, I have a request... :)


Jim F.
10-19-00, 11:06 PM
Sure, you've been a very valuable contrubutor to the forums, what would you like to be called?


10-19-00, 11:39 PM
Okay, don't laugh... and I hope it's not too long, but:

"Chuck Brigade Major General"

:o Stop laughing... I said STOP!! ;)


Jim F.
10-20-00, 09:23 AM
First, :lol:

Second, it's too long. Sorry :).

One or two words max.


10-23-00, 02:40 AM
Okay... how about...

damn... I can't think of anything short and sweet... I'll get back to ya...


10-23-00, 09:22 AM
You could go with "Chuck Master" - a little silly, but it does have its charms..... :)

10-23-00, 01:59 PM
CB Major General, perhaps?

10-23-00, 04:59 PM
ChuckBrigade MajorGeneral? (just kidding) Although I think Chuck Master is kinda cute.

10-24-00, 03:09 PM
Chuck Master... hrmm... a little too much of an S&M flava for me... ;)

10-24-00, 04:04 PM
I said it did have its charms... ;)

10-25-00, 10:12 PM
Hey Jim,
Maybe the people who are over 1000 posts should get the special titles!
I mean they have proven to stay faithful to your and all.

Idea sound good?

Jim F.
10-25-00, 10:13 PM
Butnud, the number is 400, what would you like?