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09-28-00, 05:49 PM
Hey Jim, I saw your post about clicking on ads. Now, I know that I myself tend to forget to click on them. I think people would remember more if you would nag them on a more frequent basis. So what about including in the splash pages that show after posting and editing posts info that this site depends on the banner revenue, and that proceeds will help benefit the Turn 2 foundation? Or, what about making a splash page to show when people log in (I know some people are always logged in but not everyone) reminding them of it? I think it would help.

B "gotta click! gotta click!" G :)

Jim F.
09-28-00, 11:02 PM

Thanks for your enthusiasm :)

But I hate having to nag at all; I wish I didn't. I could very easily put in pop-up ads that without clicking would yield 3 or 4 times as much as regular banner ad clicks - but I wouldn't visit a site that had pop-ups on all the pages. Especially a forum.

Thanks again though, I appreciate your willingness to help out :)


09-29-00, 05:11 AM
Jim: While I am violently opposed to splash windows, I don't think you should brush off Bgirl's suggestions so quickly.

Maybe you hate to nag people, but I think it has to be be done. Notice how I used to do some nagging for you? I think I'll put that tagline back in my signature...

The truth is, I'm never gonna remember to click on some effin' banner ad unless I'm consistently reminded of it. Bgirl's post induced me to click on my first banner ad in at least 2 weeks. I think her idea about integrating a reminder into the bottom-of-screen banner ad is a good one. I'm getting bored of the one that's down there now, anyway. ;)

IMO, to maintain a successful not-for-profit operation, there must always be a little nagging. A necessary evil...


09-30-00, 02:07 PM
Catherine's right. I do click on the banners, but I tend to forget to unless someone brings it up. :)

DW Fan
10-19-00, 08:27 PM
Click Click Click
I just wanted to remind you to remind us to click.

Jim F.
10-23-00, 01:28 PM