View Full Version : JIM, Make it GO AWAAAYY!!!!

09-05-00, 12:16 AM

Hey Jim,

im' getting VERY annoyed...

Everytime I come to the forum, I log in and when I click on a link/post i have to log in AGAIN to read it (@ JC) then, if I want to reply, I have to log in AGAIN, then when i want to SEND my msg, i have to log in AGAIN, then when i want to go back to the JC list i have to log in AGAIN. then when i want to read another post i have to log in AGAIN. See a pattern?


Jim F.
09-05-00, 12:22 AM
Have you gone into your profile and made sure that "Store User Name and Password" is checked? Also, is your browser setup to accept cookies? Once you are logged in, you should be logged in until you log yourself out manually, unless your browser doesn't accept cookies or you have elected not to accept them in your profile.

Hope this helps :)


09-05-00, 03:20 PM
Hey Jim,

My computer does accept cookies. I went into Internet Options to check, and it confirmed it. But after restarting my puter this morning, I no longer am having problems. Time 4 a new puter? Anyway, sorry 4 the hassle and senk you!

F " :) "B