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Yankee Fan Sedere in equo
08-24-00, 04:21 PM
As well as other insect types at Comerica Park yesterday. I can't recall seeing anything close to that at a Major Leauge Baseball game in a long, long time. Appearently a lot of the players literally had ants in their pants, since the majority of bugs were classified (if you wanna call it that) as flying ants.

Here is part of the AP article:

DETROIT (AP) -- The fans were swarmed over by clouds of flying insects. The Seattle Mariners didn't do any better.

"I thought we were going to get bugged out in the first," Seattle starter Paul Abbott said Wednesday night after the Mariners' 6-5 loss to the Detroit Tigers. "It was amazing. A stampede from bugs."

Juan Encarnacion hit a two-run triple in a five-run seventh inning as Detroit rallied and sent Seattle to its ninth loss in 10 games.

Swarms of flying insects caused fans to flee their seats early in the game. Fans began running up the aisles as Seattle's Edgar Martinez batted in the first inning, swatting at the insects as they moved.

Those who remained in their seats were constantly swatting at the bugs on themselves or others.

"I couldn't believe the crowd," said Abbott, who pitched 6 1/3 solid innings before the Mariners' bullpen wilted.

Pitchers in the Tigers' bullpen started a small fire trying to ward off the attack. The game was never delayed, and fans returned to their seats as play progressed.

"It wasn't as bad on the field as it was on the perimeter," Tigers manager Phil Garner said.

There was no immediate word on what caused the swarm.

"I put some Off (insect repellent) on," Bobby Higginson said. "They should call that stuff 'On' because they liked that stuff even more. It was brutal. I just hope it doesn't happen again."