View Full Version : Jim, I'm SINCERELY lmao... keekee

08-18-00, 03:06 AM
I like your little addition to the posting message... :lol:. Yer a riot...


08-18-00, 03:09 AM
GAHH!! :eek: Now I just saw the new editing message... yer such a jackass! :lol: I love it...

08-18-00, 07:39 AM
hey now, nobody is a jackass :lol:

BTW, what is the new editing posting message thingy ma jig.....

I wanna know thats way I am asking!

08-19-00, 03:08 AM
Edit one of your messages and you'll find out, Butnud.

Trust me, jackass is a term of affection... :evil:

08-22-00, 04:09 PM
Yeah...I caught a quick glimpse of that too. Lemme check it out.


Good one! Oh...and good job eliminating the [i]"This post has been edited by..." BS. Good good and good.

08-22-00, 04:12 PM
Hey Catherine...just a sidenote...I noticed the GAHH on your post. My sister and I have been referring to Glenallen Hill as GAH. Everytime he does something good (which has been quite frequent) we both give a good hearty GAH!

Now who's the jackass...?

08-22-00, 07:45 PM
OHHHHH I get it now.
LOL :)

Well NEways,
nobody is a jackass so there!

08-23-00, 04:30 AM
Trying this out.....

26 in '00

08-24-00, 12:41 AM
I just wanted to see what happens.

08-29-00, 04:31 AM
KFP: LOL.... :lol: okay, you can be a jackass, too. Actually, I acquired "GAH" from K.Cone ("Coney" on IRC) who uses it prodigiously on #nyyankees IRC chat. That girl has an online lexicon all her own...

Okay, Butnud... everybody's a jackass except YOU, dude. :rolleyes:


08-29-00, 07:34 PM
Very funny, but it went by so fast that I couldn't read the whole thing. Maybe I'll catch it all this time.

And as for the edit post, I'm perfect and I never have to do that anyway;)

08-29-00, 09:01 PM
Ya know, "allybear bombers" sounds kinda good! How'd we know I'd say that?!?

Now I want to see if the edit message got changed too!

Keep smiling...:)

K. Cone
08-31-00, 05:44 AM
So I saw the silly little messages...big fan...:P

eleven-- <giggle> You're too cyoot :lol: Loved the GAH stories....;)

(I have to wake up in 2 hours! :uhh: )

09-06-00, 07:30 AM
OK, I've seen the sincerely, which is hysterical. Now I have to try editing. Perfectionist huh? Very good one!!

09-07-00, 09:55 AM
My internet connection at work is too fast...I can't read the whole thing when I post a new message. Let's see if I can stop it.

09-07-00, 09:56 AM
Dammit!!! OK...one more try

09-09-00, 05:33 PM