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11-26-01, 02:15 PM
I was wondering what everyone thought to be some of the greatest moments since 1996? List by year, or by favorite moment, or whatever. I'm trying to compile a list for a paper I'm writing, but also am curious what different opinions are out there on the subject. Thanks!

11-26-01, 02:24 PM
12:01 AM, November 1st, 2001. Derek Jeter walk off homer ties the World Series at 2-2.

But that is still frash in my mind. I think Bernie's homer in game one of the ALCS against the BoSox was a favorite. Then there was Jim Leyritz's homer against the Braves in 1996. I'm a sucker for dramatic home runs...

11-26-01, 04:26 PM
Here's my (long) list:
'96: Doc's no-hitter, Jeter and Tino get Cal out to end the ALCS, Leyritz' HR WS4, Pettitte's gem WS5 with Paulie's running catch, the last out of the WS (Hayes' catch).
'97: Beating the Mets in the 3rd game on Tino's hit, Raines, Jeter, and O'Neill hit back-to-back-to-back homers in the first playoff game.
'98: Wells' perfecto, El Duque's first start, clinching in Boston, Shane's 3 slams in Sept, El Duque's shutout win ALCS4 with Paulie's HR, Tino's slam WS1, Paulie's WIZ catch WS2, Brosius' 2nd HR WS3, every one of the 125 wins.
'99: Cone's perfecto, the 21-1 whipping of the Tribe, Bernie's 10th inning HR ALCS1, Jeter's 1st innning HR ALCS5, Paulie's 2-run single off Rocker WS1, the comeback WS3, basically the entire WS.
'00: Bernie & Justice hit back-to-back HR in 9th off Izzy, the 6-run 1st in Oakland ALDS5, the 7-run 8th ALCS2, Clemens' 15K 1H game ALCS4, Justice' 3-run HR ALCS6, Vizcaino's GW hit WS1 in 12th, Sojo's hit WS5.
'01: Opening Day, Sori beats Pedro, Clemens wins 16 straight, the sweep in Boston with Moose's imperfecto, Jeter's Play ALDS3, Sori's HR ALCS4, beating the M's at home, the 9th innings of WS4&5, Jeter's HR, Sori's hit, Sori's HR WS7-- and it ends there.

11-27-01, 08:41 AM
Great list, Hamster!!!!! Ah, reliving the memories... Here's some you left out...

Clinching it in the first game of a home doubleheader against Milwaukee in '96 19-4 or 19-2 or something like that by scoring a record or near-record 14 runs in the first two innings.

The Jeffrey Maier game! (Game 1 96ALCS vs Baltimore)

The Kenny Rogers game out in Oakland in '98, I think it was, one of his first starts against us since we traded him, where he goes into the top of the ninth four runs up and then they bring in Buddy Groom who proceeds to blow the lead on Darryl Strawberry's grand slam and the Yankees end up winning the game.

Or even the Irabu game on 7/10/97, his first (and perhaps only) good start, in which he strikes out nine and the fans all go Japan-crazy. (I'm partial to this memory probably because I was there.)

The first significant Pedro-Roger matchup in '00 at Yankee Stadium where the two of them matched eachother pitch for pitch and had a double shutout... until Rog gave up a 2-run homer in the ninth.:(

And how bout the '00 game where we hammered the Sox 22-1 in Fenway Park!

11-28-01, 07:21 AM
I'm a sucker for perfecto so:

Well's perfect game 1998.
Coney's in 1999.
Sojo's winning hit 2000WS.
Mussina's near perfect last Sept.
Mussina's win ALDS 2001game 3.