View Full Version : Poll: Whatever happened to Forum?

11-14-01, 07:01 PM
How about a new forum called Whatever Happened to?
It would just deal with all those posts concerning ex players and what they went on to do after they retired from baseball and what they are doing now..if they're not pushing up daisies that is....
please vote and let's see how many of us want this.

11-14-01, 08:06 PM
We already have the Yankee History and Tradition forum. BTW, Gehrig is the Yankee History Man, so if you want to talk some history, either talk with us or secretly with him. Gehrig's the man!

11-15-01, 06:18 AM
Paissano, you can start some "What ever happened to" posts right in here...There have been a few already.

Thanks YanksRockMan, I have lots of help. And there are some other forumers in here who are just a wealth of Yankees history information as well...