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07-10-00, 11:09 PM
Let me start off by saying that I absolutely HATE having to be a "moderator". I hate having to move posts, close posts, ban people, etc., etc. It goes against all of the values that helped to urge this forum into existance. And I really don't enjoy having to do these things.

My motives here are plain and simple: to provide a place for intelligent Yankees discussion - I don't view myself as an "Administrator" so to speak, I see myself as one of you. I have a strong tolerance for people throwing jabs at each other - as anyone who knows me is aware of. But, there is a time and a place for that type of behavior, and it is certainly not in the Yankees Discussion Forum.

I have told this to Pedro Power many times - I don't mind all the flame throwing that you can muster, as long as it is in the Just Conversation forum, and doesn't interfere with the conversation in the Yankees Discussion Forum; a request that was repeatedly ignored. But for a while, I got to enjoy several insightful, objective posts by Pedro Power, which is one reason why I refused to ban him up front.

I absolutely REFUSE to make a "Visitor's Dugout". I do not pay hundreds of dollars a month to provide a conversation forum for RED SOX fans, of all people. If they want to participate in the Yankees Discussion, fine. If they do not add to the quality of the forum as a whole, I will not hesitate to revoke posting privelages. Because the bottom line is, I don't want to deal with this type of B.S. I have invested too much time and money to have this turn into a forum filled with angry Red Sox fans, and posts by Yankee Fans consisting of "1918", or "Boston Sucks".

Anyone who is a regular on this forum knows that I have been supportive of Pedro Power since the beginning. I thought it added a different flare to the forums - a spice that wasn't necessarily here prior to his joining. I have been very liberal in my handling of this situation, almost too liberal. We have a lost a very respected member of the community because I refused to ban Pedro Power from this forum. I refuse to let that happen to anyone else. Not because I don't like Pedro Power or anything, but because this is a Yankees Forum. Period. If any of you Red Sox fans are interested in creating a Red Sox site similar to Bronx-Bombers.com, I would be happy to lend my technical expertise and resources. But I just don't want that type of stuff here.

Since I absolutely hate being a "moderator" as stated before, I do not want to take any disciplinary action. That would be ludicrous. I am a web-geek and a Yankee fan not a babysitter, and I resent having to play that role. Here is my proposal to the people in question here: Pedro Power, Pookie, Swamp Yankee.

You remain a member here in the forums, and promise to exercise the same respect and objectivity that all of us do, and have since this sites inception. You have to realize that all of your posts will be read by me and everyone else, and as soon as I start getting complaints about your behavior, I nuke the account.


You leave now, knowing that it was fun while it lasted. Knowing that both of our teams are struggling. You move on to another less-moderated forum and have your fun there. Hell, make your owm forum and invite everyone from here over there.

The bottom line is that I don't want to have to deal with any BS here, and I hope you all can exercise the same amount of respect for this board as I have done to all of you. This is a labor of love for me - a hobby that acts a full time job (and believe me, the pay sucks). Please respect that and know that I am always open to baseball discussion, but I have strong visions and intentions for the direction of this site, and I will take every necessary step to ensure that that vision remains in tact.

As of now, here is the status of all of your accounts:

Fully Active and operational.

What you choose to do with them is up to you, and I sincerely hope that you all take the high road and act like the adults I know you all are.

Thank you all for your cooperation, and I apologize for any misunderstandings or hard feelings.

Best Regards,

Jim Frasch
Web Geek, Bronx-Bombers.com


07-10-00, 11:19 PM
Very well said Jim..

You are the most fair moderator I have encountered. I just hope PP,Pookie,and Swampy, can be mature, and post responsibly. I too have back them up since day 1.. I feel as if I have pie on my face! :(
Please guys, don't let me walk around with pie on my face.. I am on a diet! ;)

07-10-00, 11:22 PM
Sounds reasonable to me. You've been very fair and I appreciate your tolerance.

Pedro and I have been talking about starting a Red Sox forum for some time now. I think the best thing would be to get to work on that end, and I will take you up on your offer for technical assistance.

Bottom line - different strokes for different folks. Pedro and I tend to be very confrontational - but we really do it not to antagonize, but to spicen things up a little. Believe it or not - I enjoy many of your responses.

Thanks again - for a guy who doesn't like being a Moderator, I think you do a pretty good job.

Pedro Power
07-10-00, 11:23 PM
Jim, I applaud you for having the guts to make that post.

That is the person that I came onto this board and got to admire in a short period of time.

I SEE how much work you put into this. I told LOTS of friends about this site, and ASKED them NOT to come on and post here so as NOT to overrun the board, as I believe it is well-run and a labor of love, unlike the baord over at evilempire.com.

That's why I removed myself from the board for a few days, because I saw things getting out of hand. on BOTH sides, and i wanted to re-evaluate my purpose in posting.

I DID get worn down, feeling like I had to fight for the Sox honor in every post that challenged me and i lost perspective.

My respect for you has increased ten-fold.

I don't know which offer I will take you up on. I'm NOT a Yankee fan. I AM baseball fan, and a RABID Sox fan, and I think that gives me some class and I wish your members would acknowledge the HEART that it takes to root for a team that's never been to the top. In fact I'm sure this thread won't go to the end without someone rubbing THAT in my face.

I thank you on behalf of the other two folks, who I hope will realize the've been reinsted.

BTW, as I'm sure you noticed, I pulled that last thread i started.

Sorry. it was a cheap shot.

PP :bad-ass:

07-10-00, 11:42 PM
jim, as always, you're one hell of a guy. i think you've been terrific about this whole thing. of course this is a labor of love for you. of course you hated being put into a position that was uncomfortable (baby-sitter) and not always popular.
but you've handled all this so well and i'm proud to be your friend. if there's anyone around here who does not recognize the time and effort you've put into this site, and the fairness w/which you've treated every single member, then that person does not belong here. [and send that person to me and i'll kick his/her ass!]

we're all lucky to have this place, and lucky to have you as moderator. some people have recently crossed the line into immature, provacative (in a bad way) and insulting posts. if those people are then going to cry because we don't want them here~~hasta la vista!

again, you're bitchen and i'm really glad you've made this home for us.....

PP, it was good of you to delete that thread.

go bombers!

ps--now everybody needs to give jim a break. he's had enough crap to deal w/this past week and i happen to know that a dear buddy of his is visiting from outta town right now. let him go enjoy himself!;)

07-10-00, 11:44 PM
What a wacky day! I've had my true identity revealed, been banned under 2 different names, denied access to the site ENTIRELY, then reinstated. Whew!

In honor of Jim's graciousness, I'd like to announce my favorite Yankees of all time (I'm currently watching an ESPN feature on Joe D. and it is really softening me up).

10) Derek Jeter (yes, Pretty Boy makes the list. He's STILL not as good as Nomar, but he is a classy guy and a truly great hitter)
9) Mickey Rivers (I used to imitate his batting stance in Little League)
8) Thurman Munson (I hated him after the infamous fight, but over the years I have grown to believe that he was the most under-rated catchers of all time)
7) Reggie Jackson (3 pitches - 3 dingers)
6) Goose Gossage (Forget Eck, Dibble or Rocker. This guy was the most intimidating reliever ever. The catcher didn't even have to give signs. Straight, unadulterated heat)
5) Billy Martin (Gotta love a guy who picks a fight with his star player - in Boston no less)
4) Micky Mantle (How could you not like this guy? My wife even likes him and she knows nothing about baseball)
3) Babe Ruth (not his fault he got sold)
2) Lou Gherig (Pride of the Yankees brings tears to my eyes every time)
1) Joe D. (I knew of him as Mr. Coffee before I knew of him as a ballplayer. Speaks volumes about what a cultural icon he was. Also a Dego like myself. Capiche eleven?)

There - that wasn't so bad.

07-11-00, 12:13 AM
I understand where both of you are coming from. I have been there myself, as many people here can attest. I am glad that both of you have decided to be the mature and responsible people that I knew you were. I look forward to your posts.

If you really are interested in starting a Red Sox site, by all means let me know. I'd be willing to set aside some of my allegiances for another spot in my portfolio :).

Thanks again guys! :)

Oh, about the whole "Banned Multiple Times under multiple Names and reinstated" thing, I apologize for that. That was a reaction that I knew would be temporary until I figured out the best way to handle the situation that would serve everybody involoved in a positive way. I apologize for the knee-jerk reaction, which I've reversed as soon as I constructed a permanent resolution. I'm allowed one knee-jerk reaction every know and then, aren't I?

PP - if you're talking about the post I think you're talking about, I thought I deleted that myself - we must have crossed paths. Regardless, there is no harm no foul...

Now it is time to spend some quality time with someone who has come way too far to just sit there and watch me type :).


Pedro Power
07-11-00, 12:18 AM
Better be careful there, Pooky. Don't slip over the line, man.

I HAVE no favorite Yankees. Never have, never will.

I will respect them as players and give tham their due. (no WAY jeter should be starting over Nomar, though, and Torre's comments about how he had to start jeter because Nelson was mad at him already were nothing short of pathetic-- take notice New York Irish) But I will never LIKE any of them.

I have a blind, unmitigated, long-standing hatred for the yankee organization, and I'm not going to apologize for that.

Know how deep this bias runs? I used to hit the ball out of my hand as a kid and keep score. It was ALWAYS Yankees/Red Sox. I knew both lineups inside and out. So I would play a nine inning game, and GUESS WHAT? Not only did the Yankees NEVER win a game, but they lost all their games by shoutout, and MOST on No-hitters. But you KNEW that already didn't you? (I think Pepitone got a hit off me one time, but it was a fluke) :)

So I AM who I AM; this is the package. I am NOT here to make friends. I will focus on making intelligent baseball-oriented posts, but MOST will be very much like my backyard baseball games. ie, Don't expect the Yankees to come out looking to good when I start making my points.

CYF, I think there were a LOT of people on the board who got out of hand, and many were regular posters. There is plenty of blame to go around. I have decided that I will not get into the back and forth with others (no one can beat me anyway) and let my posts speak for themselves. The rest of you can knock yourselves out trying to challnge them or ignore them as you see fit.

I'm already at the drawing board as you read this.... :lol:

PP :bad-ass:

Pedro Power
07-11-00, 12:25 AM

To Pookie: if Jim helps us with setting up a forum, be sure he doesn't build in any back doors, man.

He'll be sure to let everyone in when we're not looking :)

Peace, Jim and WHOMEVER you're entertainig. ;)

Nite ALL.

PP :bad-ass:

07-11-00, 12:25 AM
I did the same thing as a kid! But there were never any blowouts. Just plenty of gut wrenching late inning comebacks by the Sox. Those are more painful, as we all know.

Pedro Power
07-11-00, 12:36 AM
That's the difference between you and me, Pookster. I never even let those suckers sniff first base. And when the day of reckoning comes, I hope we beat 'em in the ALCS in four straight 14-0, 11-0, 22-0 and 44-0.

I could script the whole thing for them, if they'd like. Pepitone, that lucky bastard..... :)

07-11-00, 01:44 AM
Thanx, Jim, for setting things straight once again in bronx-bomber land!:)

Oh and Red Sox fans, I have to say I've always had a soft spot for Nomar; did you see him commenting on the HR derby tonite? He has such an awesome personality; I always watch him with a smile on my face. (Well, except when he's up against the Yankees that is...)

Let's hope things can be seminormal from now on, and get back tobaseball and not bashing.

07-11-00, 06:07 AM
Hello All,

It was good to see Pookieís and Pedroís posts. I think that they took the high road in their responses and I applaud them for that. Jim, I am a fellow geek and I recognize the time, effort and expense it takes to set this up. I respect your ( the other Yankee diehards ) right to have this sight the way you want it, you pay for it. Go for it, man.

Hereís the ďbutĒ.

In my heart, I donít feel that I did all that much wrong here. ( With the exception of the ďBronx-Bung-holeĒ post exchange which I apologized for and do regret letting myself get dragged into that one. )

I have a sarcastic sense of humor and much of what I said was tongue-in-cheek. But when people are so myopic that they justify actions such as Clemens beanball with the argument that ďitís baseballĒ or by comparison to someone elseís wrong doing, or that itís the way itís always been
done. Well, thatís not right and I will always point that out and bring to bear what little sharp edged humor I possess.

I would submit that the Pro-Clemens postings of late would be altogether different if he were not a Yankee and therefore feel obligated to speak out and point out the duplicity and hypocrisy. Thatís just the way I feel, but many of your members donít agree.

So, if you are telling me that I can post if I only put in complimentary comments to the Yanks or slap everybody on the back and say what a great team the Yanks are or what a great post somebody made, well then I will decline your generous offer. For me, that stuff is too boring and doesnít represent the true reason that I like baseball; the rivalries that are formed and the friendly banter that fuels them.

Donít get me wrong, itís a fair offer and I applaud you for extending yourself on this. Most moderators would not and I appreciate that. But I will look for a board where people like to talk real and accurate baseball, and donít take offense when points are brought up that may not agree with their point of view.

Thank you for the offer and I hope this board is everything you wish it to be. Sorry if I have rained on your parade here.

Swampy :smokin:

Pedro Power
07-11-00, 10:25 AM
You know, instead of dissing us and trying to have us removed, you all oughta appreciate that Red Sox nation respects you enough that we sent you the HEART of the order (with me batting cleanup, of course). If you can get your fastball by US (fat chance), then you are throwin' some serious heat. But DON'T bring it high and tight, cause we aint the METS, baby.

PP :bad-ass:

07-11-00, 11:53 AM
Swamp Yankee wrote:

So, if you are telling me that I can post if I only put in complimentary comments to the Yanks or slap everybody on the back and say what a great team the Yanks are or what a great post somebody made, well then I will decline your generous offer. For me, that stuff is too boring and doesnít represent the true reason that I like baseball; the rivalries that are formed and the friendly banter that fuels them.

It's really ludicrous for you to think that Jim or any of us on bronx-bombers expects you to be a Yankees cheerleader. But I DO expect you to NOT be a Yankee hater... to not relish the opportunity to jump on them and deride them. If you can't see the difference between objective criticism and hate-blinded vitriol, then I think you should take Jim up on his offer and bow out.

I'm sorry, Jim, but all the little niceties in this post seem like just so much BS to me... these guys came to this forum because they DESPISE our team, and they want a place to lash out, not to discuss the merits of the Yankees' play on the field rationally. Time will tell if I am wrong or not, but I fear it will be the latter.

Pedro Power wrote:

I have a blind, unmitigated, long-standing hatred for the yankee organization, and I'm not going to apologize for that.

He said it all right there, Jim. Do you really think a person with "blind, unmitigated, long-standing hatred for the yankee organization" is going to contribute intelligently to this forum?

love and a little reality,

[Edited by eleven on July 11th, 2000 at 03:44 PM]

07-11-00, 01:03 PM
Just to clear one thing up - Pookie did not write the post that eleven just referred to. It was SwampYankee - who has decided NOT to post here anymore.

It seems like there are 2 camps on this issue - those that want lively, interesting interchange with Sox fans and those that only want to talk about the abc's of baseball. Can't we do both?

Evilempire.com has a Visitors Dugout. I'm not a big fan of it because yankee fans can't create topics there. And non-Yankee fans can't reply to serious baseball talk in the Between the Lines forum. But I think with a little tweaking - some sort of compromise could be reached.

I recognize the need for Yankee fans to want to talk baseball in a protected forum - free of the slings and arrows thrown by me and Pedro. But I also see that there are several people on this site who LIKE mixing it up with us. You don't want this site to be a clone of evilempire.com do you? Make it different. Make it entertaining! No foul language - no threats of violence. I think we could all agree on a basic code of conduct.

But if I am going to post in a site that is 99% Yankee fans - I have to be able to let loose with some verbal and philisophical diatribes every now and then. If you want to contain it in a separate forum - fine. But don't eliminate it altogether. Otherwise you'll never have any non-Yankee fans here - and the site will grow stale.

Freedom of speach is a wonderful thing. I hope you guys embrace it and let Pedro and I do our stuff. It won't always be pretty, and you may not like what we say. But I can promise you it will never be dull, and will often times be comical.

Create a "Yankee Fan Only" forum for people like eleven. I could live with that. But I must have a place here where I can let loose with my thoughts. Otherwise I'm with SwampYankee, and we'll have to part friends.

Jim - give it some thought and talk with your members about it. Like I said, there should be an easy, acceptable solution here which everyone can live with.

07-11-00, 01:12 PM
Catherine, if that is the case, than so be it. It is in their hands right now, not mine.

Pookie, the solution that you have proposed is already in place somewhat. "Yankees Discussion" is for precisely that: Yankees Discussion. Feel free to start any flame-oriented posts in the Conversation forum.


07-11-00, 01:42 PM
Can we possibly create a different forum for what I am looking for? The Just Conversation forum has posts like, "Did you see our sign" and doesn't really seem to be a good fit for what we need. I want to talk baseball - but from an anti-Yankee perspective. Can we create a separate forum called the "Lion's Den" or something? (I hate the term Visitor's Dugout). Or perhaps just rename another forum which is not getting much usage?

07-11-00, 01:50 PM
I guess I'm the only one who sees the irony in creating a forum for people to be "anti-Yankee" on a site that is dedicated to the Yankees. That is not about to happen. I hate to send you somewhere else, but I would suggest trying http://www.tenthman.com - they have a forum for every team, plus general baseball discussion forums. Over there I'm sure you can find plenty of "Anti-Yankee" conversation - plus there are more Sox fans over there than anyone else, I believe.

You are always welcomed here, but I just can't bring myself to facilitating anti-yankee discussion. That is really not something that I want to do, planned to do, or am going to do.

Good luck to the Sox for the rest of the season



07-11-00, 02:06 PM
Thanks Jim. You're a gentleman and a scholar.

07-11-00, 02:32 PM
I say.. Red sox fans.. try posting in The Other Team forum.. cause after all.. the Red sox are the "other team" Just an idea..

07-11-00, 02:45 PM
Pookie: Sorry for the mistaken attribution... :o I've fixed it.


07-11-00, 03:08 PM
Jim - do you have any problem with me posting in the Other Teams forum like BTHL suggested? Can I keep my spicy (some would call confrontational) style in there? Can I Yankee bash in there when the situation warrants it?

Sorry to keep peppering you with questions, but I'm getting mixed messages on what you guys (and gals) will tolerate in here. Best to be up front about it - so there are no misunderstandings. Thanks.

Pedro Power
07-11-00, 03:50 PM
He said it all right there, Jim. Do you really think a person with "blind, unmitigated, long-standing hatred for the yankee organization" is going to contribute intelligently to this forum?

Eleven, I have Already contributed intelligently to this forum. I mean, even in that post I am poking fun at myself and being outrageous enough for people to KNOW that I am somewhat tongue in cheek.

Listen, I AM a competitive person, and I have a passion for baseball and my TEAM. I know a lot about the game, as it is apparent that many of you do (except for that shameful apologizing for Clemens and the beaning)and I can talk all day long about the intricacies of the sport-- but what gets MY juices flowing is talking some smack with the fans of the team that is at the TOP. C'mon, can't you admit even a little bit that when the Yanks win or go up a few games in the standings Don't you like to have someone here to give the "business" to? This forum was enhanced by my presence here, and I was having a blast, too, until things got out of hand over the weekend. OK, my bad-- a few of us needed to gain some perspective-- I'm all for keeping it a "friendly" fight-- but a fight nonetheless.

I agree that the Discussion forum should be (basically) left to Yankee talk. but waht does that mean? many times you folks are bashing YOUR team or management, just as we do to ours. Why can't we join in that fun?

Anyway, I agree that there shouldn't be any "new" section created for smack-talking Red Sox fans. That's unrealistic, but Jim had earlier pointed me and some others to the "just conversation" area to talk smack. And the "other teams" area aleady exisists, too. So we can find a place there, Pookie, and the hard-core yanks fans (who DO hate the sox) will find us there, I assure you.

Thanks for being open to this, Jim. What would America be without a little diversity, eh? Can you say BORING? (not to mention, dangerous).

PP :bad-ass:

07-11-00, 05:15 PM
It looks like the Other Teams Forum is where the action is. I'm there!

Now let's all take some time off tonight to enjoy the game of baseball. Keep your eyes on that shortstop playing for Boston. I heard he's pretty good.

07-11-00, 05:23 PM
I'm still holding steadfast in the frame of mind that I will not tolerate any "Anti-Yankee" banter on these forums - no matter which one it is. Will I tolerate opposing views and opinions? Of course I will. But by design, this forum is not a place for "anti-Yankee" anything. There is a fine line there, but I trust that you are able to see both sides of it.

Do me a favor and go to the Red Sox forum at baseball boards.com; in there you will find many people that are able to discuss all aspects of Baseball without making it known to the World that they are Boston fans. Pay particular attention to Mr. Baseball and MTD, the two moderators for that forum. They are two exceptional individuals that look at the game as fans of baseball, not bitter Red Sox fans.

I hope this makes sense - because I'm not sure I'd understand if I were in your position.

All I can say is use your head when you post. Don't post anything that you wouldn't want posted by a Yankee fan on a Red Sox site. Respect is a two-way street.


07-11-00, 06:34 PM
Jim, I have neither the patience nor the talent to do what you are doing with this site. It bears repeating, you're doing a FANTASTIC job.
I'm glad that these folks aren't banned because they can really add some life here. To tell you the truth, I'd like to see MORE fans from other teams here. As long as they ARE fans of other teams and not JUST Yankee-haters.
This isn't a shot at PP, but there seems to be a large number of Red Sox fans who are more passionate in their hatred of the Yankees than in their love of the Sox. Those are the folks that I think we can do without.

Truthfully, I have yet to see ANYBODY here post something that would piss me off like I HAVE seen over on the "official" site. And the vast majority of those posts were by self-professed Yankee fans!!! Yeeeeesh! Thank God, or I should say, Thanks Jim for providing this site!

Now, damnit, let's get back to something EVERYBODY here loves: BASEBALL!

26 in '00

07-11-00, 09:44 PM
Jim - you've done a great job with this very tricky issue!

Don't post anything that you wouldn't want posted by a Yankee fan on a Red Sox site.

I can think of no better way to put it! I've heard the same thing about that SS for Boston, Pookie, but I don't know, our guy is having a helluva game for the AL!

Let's all enjoy talking baseball, the best game on earth!

Pedro Power
07-11-00, 10:27 PM
This isn't a shot at PP, but there seems to be a large number of Red Sox fans who are more passionate in their hatred of the Yankees than in their love of the Sox. Those are the folks that I think we can do without.

What gives you the indication that because I hate the Yankees that I don't love MY team? Please don't EVER compare the love the Sox fans have for our team with the feelings the Yankee fans have for THIERS. Hey , it's EASY to love a winner. The test of a TRUE fan is to demonstrate unwavering interest and support for one's team when they rarely win anything.

How hard is it to be a Yankee fan? You SHOULD be proud of your team's acomplishments and are entitled to enjoy them. But we'll never REALLY know your true character until you have gone through a long drought (well, any of you KNICKS fans--and previously Rangers fans, have the idea)

I can do BOTH at once. Hate the Yanks and LOVE those Sox. It's the best of both worlds, really. :)

PP :bad-ass:

PS: and c'mon PA#1, it WAS too a shot at me, but it hit me in the fleshy areas. It wasn't like you were throwing at my HEAD or anything. But, of course, what Yankee would EVER do that, huh? ;)

07-11-00, 10:38 PM
PP wrote:

Eleven, I have Already contributed intelligently to this forum. I mean, even in that post I am poking fun at myself and being outrageous enough for people to KNOW that I am somewhat tongue in cheek.

Unfortunately, I've seen a great deal more knee-jerk, Yankee-hating one-liners from your keyboard than I have reasoned criticism. I'd say it's something like an 80/20 ratio.... unless that changes drastically, I don't see your presence here as really being worth it that other 20%.

And I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to as "that post"...

C'mon, can't you admit even a little bit that when the Yanks win or go up a few games in the standings Don't you like to have someone here to give the "business" to?

Call me crazy, but I really DON'T. Maybe it's just me, but when the Yankees win, I don't feel the need to stick it to any other team's fan... I just feel like rejoicing and celebrating with other Yankee fans. And when they play badly, I also desire the presence of other Yankee fans so we can commiserate and criticize and discuss what went wrong... without having to hear a bunch of cheap shots from Yankee-haters. When I'm actually AT a game like the Subway Series or something, it's a different story... I can get into the back-and-forth with the best of them. But somehow smack talk loses its charm when it's online.

This forum was enhanced by my presence here

I'll respectfully beg to differ on that one... you may have improved the quantity of posts, but definitely not the quality.

I agree that the Discussion forum should be (basically) left to Yankee talk. but waht does that mean? many times you folks are bashing YOUR team or management, just as we do to ours. Why can't we join in that fun?

Because, as a Yankee-hater, you're biologically incapable of keeping it constructive. I hardly think comments like "The Yankees are going down..." are going to fuel a discussion that is both spirited AND interesting. It's just going to turn into (and historically, it HAS turned into) a moronic "1918...", "Skankee" slugfest. Ho-hum...

#1PAfan wrote:

This isn't a shot at PP, but there seems to be a large number of Red Sox fans who are more passionate in their hatred of the Yankees than in their love of the Sox. Those are the folks that I think we can do without.

Exactly. I would be THRILLED to see a person joined this forum who just adored their team and wanted to tell us about it, point out its strong points and its weaknesses. Sadly, all too often, the sort of fans who are attracted to a Yankee forum care more about the Yankees losing than they do about their own team winning. It's just pitiful as well as annoying.... and as #1PAfan said, we can do without those folks.

love and team adoration,

07-11-00, 10:42 PM
Hey Jimbo,
You've got balls. I couldn't have said it better myself. Your helluva guy and don't let anybody tell ya any different. This place is for Yankee fans and baseball fans in general. I felt like it was becoming a "I am better than you." sorta place. And I HATED that! I feel that you got all our respect Jim and I feel that all we were asking was for someone to put the lid on this "BS." It needed to stop and finally something was done about it. I respect you for that Jim. Don't ever loose your spirit Jim, we all love ya.


Pedro Power
07-11-00, 11:09 PM
Eleven, you may SAY that my posts mean little to you, but to have engaged in the superb statistical analysis that you have regarding my meaningful and not-so-meaningful posts (in the "world according to Catherine") you must have read them all. Now, that presents a rather curious contradiction, doesn't it? I am someone who, by your own analysis, makes no contribution to your board; yet you seem to spend an inordinate amount of time reading and assessing (and even ANSWERING) my posts. I am rather flattered, really. If nothing else I engaged your interest, and you'll have a tough time arguing that.

I mean if you were TRULY interested in Yankee Discussion tonight, you have it all to yourself -- along with your Yankee kinsmen, and women. I haven't even READ any posts over there tonight, much less interjected any. But here you are, clear over in the "Suggestion Box", an area that you'd be unlikely to frequent if it weren't for the fact that you've come gunning for me. Perhaps you should think through the logic of an argument before you present one.

"Methinks the lady doth protest too much." -- Wm. Shakespeare.

So, I have no problem with you. Vive la difference!! In fact I'm going to do what YOU SHOULD have done if you found me so offensive; I'm going to stop reading and responding to your posts.

It's been real, Eleven. Ta-ta.

PP :bad-ass:

07-11-00, 11:17 PM
No Pedro, I am very serious when I said I wasn't talking about you. Your love of the game and your passion FOR the Red Sox is easily seen. The type of fan I was talking about are the ones that lurk elsewhere, and hopefully they stay there.

By the way, I am a lifelong Yankee fan. ALWAYS. I have experienced some really bad times. As a kid, it seemed like I was the only Yankee fan around. Mid sixties to mid seventies, a worse team was often hard to find. My beloved Yanks STUNK for a long time there.

Of course, the Eighties and early nineties were the pits too. But I still wore my Yankee cap with pride. I heard the stories and saw the movies and read the books.

It's living through times like that that make THESE times so special.

My friend Irish said it on another post and I happen to agree with her. I DO have a certain admiration for Red Sox fans. In turn, I also get rather annoyed by some of my fellow Yankee fans, but THANKFULLY none of them have shown up here. They're the ones that either don't know the lean times, or choose to forget them.

Give Peace a Chance.

26 in '00 :)

Pedro Power
07-11-00, 11:27 PM
Geez, PA fan, How am I gonna argue with that? :)

07-11-00, 11:31 PM
PP: Whatever... :P I know you heard me loud and clear, which is why your last post was so angry. I can only hope some of it sunk in...

07-11-00, 11:42 PM
I'm back. I couldn't sleep. Visions of Nomar morphing into Chuck Knoblauch...

Pedro - as usual your posts are irresistable. I can tell you that evilempire.com has not been the same since you left. Even those who hated you over there still long for your presence. But enough butt kissing, or else you will forget who the real center of the universe is (HP).

Eleven - I really do want to respect your need to have a sanctuary away from us non-Yankee fans. Obviously you are incapable of ignoring us. But I think you are fooling yourself when you say you don't like what we bring to the forum. I hate all the 1918 - Shankee crap as well. But I do appreciate anything that makes me laugh. And I must admit, when someone calls me Pukie or uses the name Nosemar I do get a kick out of it. And what I don't like, I ignore.

I've been forum shopping quite a bit lately - and I must say this one has potential to be GREAT! By and large the people in here all seem to be reasonable, and can appreciate diversity and a sense of humor. I hope it pans out.

07-11-00, 11:52 PM
Pookie wrote:

Obviously you are incapable of ignoring us.

When PP responds to every friggin post and transforms a normal post into a brainless quip-fest, then yeah, I guess I have a little trouble ignoring that... the entire purpose of posters like that is to NOT BE IGNORED, which is probably why he feels the need to respond to everything, so people are forced to read him.

In short, don't play all innocent... this fish ain't biting.

07-12-00, 02:26 AM
This post has served its purpose.

Thank you.