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10-23-01, 10:02 PM
The Birth of a Dynasty
The Braves led the Series 2-1 and the game 6-0 as Fred McGriff led an Atlanta offensive attack against Kenny Rogers. The game moved into the 6th inning, and things looked like the Braves would take a 3-1 Series lead and win back-to-back championships the next day.
But Derek Jeter sparked a 3-run rally after his foul pop-up landed between 3 Brave players. Both teams went deep into their bullpens, and Bobby Cox sent Mark Wohlers to the mound to pick up a 2-inning save. Charlie Hayes led off the 8th with a swinging bunt that stayed fair and untouched, and Darryl Strawberry followed with a single. Mariano "Dassit" Duncan hit what looked to be a sure double-play ball, but shortstop Rafael Belliard bobbled it and got only 1 out. With runners on the corners, Wohlers ran the count to 2-2 on catcher Jim Leyritz...
"In the air to left field... back at the track, at the wall, we are TIED!" --Joe Buck
The Yankees loaded the bases in the 9th but did not score. The Braves also threatened against Mariano Rivera, putting 2 runners on with 1 out. Graeme Lloyd got Fred McGriff to hit into a double play, and the game went to extra innings. In the top of the 10th with 2 outs and nobody on, Steve Avery walked Tim Raines and gave up a single to Derek Jeter. An intentional walk to Bernie Williams loaded the bases, and an unintentional walk to Wade Boggs gave the Yankees the lead. After Ryan Klesko dropped a popup by Charlie Hayes, the Yankees led 8-6 just like that. Lloyd struck out Klesko, but Andruw Jones singled off John Wetteland to bring the tying run to the plate. But two fly balls to Rock Raines in left sealed the win for the Yanks. By using everyone off the bench, Joe Torre tied up the Series.
The Yankees never fell behind in the remainder of the Series, and won their first World Championship in 18 years. The current Yankee dynasty can trace itself back to this one home run by Jim Leyritz.

10-24-01, 10:43 PM
i can still hear the clunk of the ball against the back wall!!

10-24-01, 11:02 PM
Great read! :) Thanks! :)

That was totally awesome, BTW, did I mention that?? :D :D


10-26-01, 09:17 AM
Out of all of the Yankees' recent World Championships, that one was the sweetest. Probably partially because it was the first, but also because we weren't supposed to win. We were the underdogs that year, and the Braves were the defending World Champs and 6-time playoff contenders. They had Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz, and Neagle -- dream rotation; with the exception of Cone (who spent most of the year on the DL with the aneurysm), who did we have? Sophomore pitcher Pettitte, an aging Jimmy Key, Kenny Rogers?, and recovering drug addict Doc Gooden. And an unknown starter-turned-setup man by the name of Rivera. Our secondbaseman, Mariano Duncan, who only won the job by default when starter Tony Fernandez broke his arm and second-stringer Pat Kelly went on the DL in spring training, batted .340 that year, and we had a rookie starting at shortstop by the name of Jeter. We'd just lost our Captain and were wondering if this Martinez guy could play at all. The entire coaching staff was brand new, as was the General Manager (Bob Watson). And the new manager they just hired had a lifetime record 200 games under .500, and had never gotten anywhere near the World Series in over 30 years of pro-ball. Then we blew that 12-game lead in August down to 2.5, and everyone was sure we were finished. We lost that first game to Texas, and it looked over. We lost Game 2 of the ALCS to the Orioles after snatching Game 1 away thanks to Jeffrey Maier and everyone said that it should really be 2-0 Baltimore and we'd be finished in 5. Then Pettitte gave up 9 earned runs in that pathetic 12-1 Game 1 vs Atlanta at the Stadium, and Maddux shut us out 4-0 in Game 2. And we still came back. The little team that *could* and *DID*....

Well, folks, today marks 5 years to the day we won it all for the first time. I'll never forget final play which I've seen 1001 times and never gets old:
Sterling: "Ball popped up off third.... Hayes off third, Hayes MAKES THE CATCH! Yankees win! Thuhhhhh Yankees Win! And the New York Yankees have won the 1996 World Series!"

10-26-01, 11:38 AM
Great year, great memories.

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10-26-01, 05:51 PM
Oh do I remember that day! I went absolutly ballistic! And the Yankee Dynasty continues! :)

10-26-01, 06:41 PM
Originally posted by deranged2005
Great year, great memories.

AND, a Great Thread. That was a sweet, sweet game.

Jersey Yankee
10-26-01, 07:33 PM
1Ton, great read. Let's also not forget 1 year ago when Bernie scooped up Piazza's warning track ball to quiet those Mutts fans down for awhile.