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03-09-00, 12:26 PM
I know I have said that the ynkes should get or will get Radke but is he really that good. You know what happens when they get to the Bronx. How would you rate him. Would he be a number two or three on most teams other then yanks? You also have to believe the Braves will try to get him now!


03-09-00, 01:22 PM
He did win 20 with the Twins a couple years ago.Scouts say he lost some zip on his fastball,but he had an ERA under 4 in the Metrodome,and he is under 30.

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Billy Martin

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03-09-00, 02:20 PM
Radke is tough to read some times but he has very good control. His ERA was good last year but his lifetime ERA is 4.3. still not too bad for the homerdome.

He is youngeg than Mussina but over the next 2 years I would rather have Mussina.

On the YANKEES Radke's position in the order would be dependant on how the rest of the staff does in a given year. Last year he would have been are number 2 starter after El Duque. On most teams Radke would be the ace. On the Angels' staff Radke would be the ace and the only major league starter.

I'm thinking that the YANKEES are not going after him at least until the trade deadline, and maybe not at all.

Hampton has a lower lifetime ERA and might be just as available via free agency when Radke is. Mussina might bolt from Baltimore, so he would also be available via free agency.

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22 Bonnie
03-10-00, 03:30 PM
In cases like this the important factor may depend on what other teams are trying to sign a paticular pitcher or player.If there's a chance he may go to a team that can hurt you ,you may have to sign him to keep him away from that team.

22 Bonnie

03-12-00, 04:52 PM
Personally, I think that Radke is the most overrated starter in baseball. Sterling and Kay said the other night that even the Twins GM says he's really at most a number 2 or 3 starter. Where does that put him vis-a-vis the Yankees, who have four pitchers who would be a number 1 or 2 on most teams and five, maybe six, who would be at least a number 3, maybe better, right now? (Mendoza is number five, and Yarnall is the wait-and-see.)