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10-22-01, 04:12 PM
Thanks for the welcomes! Here are some comments about listening to and watching Yankee baseball in person and on TV:
1941, Yankees down to their last strike against Dodgers at Ebbets Field and catcher Mickey Owen lets the ball get by him (some say it was a spitter) and the Yanks go on to win stunning the Brooklyn crowd.
1947, My home town hero, Frank Shea, wins 14 loses 5 as a Yankee rookie pitcher. He's the winning pitcher in the All-Star game and starts 3 World Series games against Brooklyn, winning 2, losing 0. The turning point was his complete game 2-1 victory the day after Yankee starter Bill Bevens lost a no-hitter and the game in the last of the ninth at Brooklyn. I was never more devestated as I was that day.
1949 thru 1953 brought 5 consecutive World Series victories!!
I was overseas until 1956 and got married the year Mick hit for the cycle and was MVP. I watched on TV when he hit the top of the upper deck facade off Pedro Ramos.
1961: the M and M boys etc. What a team! And it was surprising how Mick got booed a lot until Maris and he went down to the wire in the home run race. Maris was misunderstood by the fans and the media didn"t help.
The wonderful team of 1978, culmunating with Bucky Dent's homer at Fenway that silenced Fenway Park.
I believe that was the year Goose Gossage came into a game at the stadium when Seattle had the bases loaded, no outs. He proceeded to strike out the side on 9 pitches.
Then there was the current run from 1996 on. May it continue tonite.

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Those are some great memories joltingjoe! You should start posting these things in the "Yankees History and Tradition" forum on this site! Thank you for sharing and please keep those memories coming! We can all learn a lot from you! :)

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You're welcome for the welcomes!

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Thanks joltinjoe

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:lol: Belated welcome