View Full Version : How Many to Get NY's

10-13-01, 05:21 PM
How many posts do you need to have to get a new :NY:

10-19-01, 01:13 AM
Okay BBFL Heres the List that Jim posted last year! I actually saved it and I printed it in Shels Post so I went into that post and copied this just for you! Hope This Helps!:

New Member - Minimum Posts: 0

Member - Minimum Posts: 10

Senior Member - Minimum Posts: 150

Forum Regular - Minimum Posts: 250

Addicted Member - Minimum Posts:400

Devoted Member - Minimum Posts: 750

B-B.com MVP - Minimum Posts: 1,000

B-B.com Cy Young - Minimum Posts: 1,250

B-B.com Triple Crown - Minimum Posts: 1,500

B-B.com HOF - Minimum Posts: 2,000

B-B.com Legend - Minimum Posts: 2,500 -

Now because sooo many of us have reached the higher numbers faster Jim has revised the last few titles so that the titles numbers are not what they appear to be they are much higher! But it is still fun to try and reach them as goals anyway Especially with the gamethreads!

Have Fun Posting!