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10-07-01, 06:08 PM
Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself since I am new to the postboard. I am 20 year old female from Houston Texas. I am currently in college studying to be a webpage designer. I have one older sister who is 21 and alos majoring in computers. I have many interest which include: reading, chatting on the net, playing sports with friends, messing around on the computer and making webpages in my spare time, dancing and painting. I just recently became a baseball fan. Had a friend of mine introduce it to me and now I have been involved in baseball although I do not know much about the sport and I am still learning. So forgive me if I do not talk much baseball at first for I am still in the learning stages..lol. Any info on baseball though will be greatly appreciated it so feel free to share your thoughts and all with me :). Take care everyone and hope to get the chance to get acquainted with some of you. Adios


10-07-01, 06:11 PM
welcome fellow Yankee fan, stick with us and you'll be a baseball savant in no time :D You're just in time for the playoffs!

Slán leat!

10-07-01, 06:16 PM
gooberamous61 Welcome to this board!! I am Lissie! You will love it here and post on the game threads! They are alot of fun. Here is to you :gulp:!

10-07-01, 09:22 PM
Welcome aboard. You will definitely learn a lot about baseball here, we have some very knowledgeable fans :)

10-07-01, 10:51 PM
welcome and enjoy!:D

Jersey Yankee
10-07-01, 11:27 PM
Goob, a big Howdy from Jersey to great big Texas!!! Just check out the various forums on here and post questions in the appropriate place. If you're unsure of anything, like a play, a call, even why someone may have made a decision, just ask.

Feel free to jump on in, the water's fine.

10-07-01, 11:59 PM
Ah, I see the Lilly fans are coming in droves now!;)

Welcome, welcome! If you want to learn about baseball this is as good a place as any to start!:)

Lesson #1: Three strikes and you're out.
Lesson #2: The Yankees are the best team in the world and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Lesson #3: INCLUDING Mariners fans! (Who are a normally horrific team disguised this year as a "very good" team...)

# 21 Forever
10-08-01, 07:16 AM
Welcome to B-B.com goober! This is a great place to learn about baseball and to show support for our beloved Yankees! Hope you enjoy it here! :)

10-08-01, 02:12 PM
Howdy Partner!

10-08-01, 04:32 PM
Hello peeps,

Just wanted to thank everyone for the warm welcome, makes a person feel right at home. Glad to know I have so many people to turn to when I have a question about baseball :). I still have alot to learn I know but I will get there eventually, especially with so many people here that are such baseball fanatics. Hope to get to know each of you personally and maybe sometime we can get together and discuss baseball. Take care everyone. Adios for now.


10-08-01, 05:01 PM
Baseball is great. You'll know stuff you didn't know before. Ask your friends some of the stuff, they wont know it.

10-08-01, 11:25 PM
:NY: welcome to the best...enjoy...:)

10-09-01, 04:38 PM
Word up, Goober

Welcome aboard. I'm also a Ted Lilly fan,too. I even design webpages since my field is in graphic design. Right now, I'm still searching for a position in that field but since it's very competitive out there, I still can't land on anything. And also feel free to join my Ted Lilly club at this address:

"Virtually Ted Lilly"

His dad even posts there,too:)

Talk to you later!!!


10-10-01, 08:39 PM
Hey Peeps,

Just wanted to thank deranged2005 and bagger015 for the warm welcome and advice. Nice to know I am not alone in my limited knowledge of baseball..lol although I do not plan to stay that way for long..lol. Also good to see another Ted Lilly fan in here ;). Hey CharmedForever61, nice to meet you. Maybe someday you and I can get together and discuss our favorite yankees player ;) Take care everyone.


10-10-01, 09:18 PM
Nice to meet you too...Goober:)

10-13-01, 01:14 AM
Welcome aboard Goober! :) Happy posting!

10-13-01, 10:32 PM
:) Welcome! :)

10-14-01, 06:41 PM
Thank ya Claybelle and ZYANK for the welcome.. :) I am really loving this board so far and I am learning things about baseball just by reading other members post...it is awesome. I can't believe I have not become a baseball fan before now...what was wrong with me?..lol. See you guys around I hope, going to go browse through the other threads..hehe. This is addictive..lol Take care.


10-15-01, 02:05 PM
Welcome to the best Yankee fansite in cyberspace, goober.

I think you'll find the forums more than adequate to quench your post-ing thirst.

Rules to live by:

The Tino Martinez bobble head doll Is thy god.
If the Tino bobble head doll cannot fufill it's duties, the Derek Jeter bobble head doll is thy god.

You can see where Im going with this :evil:

Just Kidding!!! Welcome aboard and happy posting!!


West Texas
10-16-01, 11:44 AM
Welcome from one Texan to another. Enjoy posting.

10-17-01, 05:08 PM
Hey thanks for the welcome YanksNoHitter96 and West Texas. I am loving it hear and come to visit every chance I get. Yankees are great aren't they?.. ;) Nice to see another Texan here on the board, hope to see you around West Texas. Take care yall!


10-18-01, 10:38 AM
Welcome Goober. Hope you enjoy our Yankees and this site.

10-21-01, 04:38 PM
Thanks Afsargent for the welcome. Hope to talk to you soon and maybe exchange some baseball info :). Take care and see you around.