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10-02-01, 07:16 PM
Hey 1968 Yankees fans I have found a whole bunch of photos from the Stadium taken during 1968 at my fathers house. I am having trouble finding out who some of the players are. I was born in 1967. My father did not write the names of the players on the back. So, I have some research to do. Here is the first one. Any help or resources would be much appreciated. Thanks Brian H.

10-02-01, 09:27 PM
WHat kind of camera dd he use? Likes like he could be a Bud though.

10-02-01, 09:36 PM
I am not sure what kind of camera he used. They are a few different cameras at the house, he used to use. It is printed on kodak paper though and these style of prints were fairly common in the late sixties. But who is Bud? I don't have a Bud listed in my 1968 media guide or program.:confused:

10-02-01, 09:50 PM
How about these Yankees?:confused:

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10-02-01, 11:43 PM
The first pic, I believe, is Fritz Peterson.

I don't know the second pic.

The third pic is also a mystery to me, although he looks like he could be another Vulcan assigned to the starship Enterprise.....

Jim Roche
10-03-01, 11:17 AM
1st picture is Fritz Peterson
2nd picture is Steve Barber
3rd picture is (oh, boy..... Lemme guess....) I can't.... I want to be sure...Now I gotta go look it him up in my '68 Yankee Yearbook...
Oh........what the he**..... Andy Kosco ???
I'll look 'em up...... Let you know....

10-03-01, 11:27 AM
Originally posted by nicky_d
The first pic, I believe, is Fritz Peterson.

Does anyone remember whrn Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich swapped wives? It worked out for one of them, but not the other. Weird, huh? Oh, those 70s...

10-03-01, 07:24 PM
Looking at my 68 yearbook Jim is right #2 is Steve Barber.

10-03-01, 07:28 PM
Checking in the yearbook #3 with the Vulcan ears :lol:
appears ti be Andy Kosco. Good work Jim.

10-03-01, 07:30 PM
Not only did they trade wives but kids and dogs too :rolleyes:

Jim Roche
10-04-01, 12:34 PM
Thanks guys........Memories........ah... Memories.....