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10-02-01, 10:28 AM
I was actually part of this forum before under the name of "TinoChick" but, unfortunately I have left it due to situations from other members. But all of a sudden I decided to return here under a new identity, to give my new favorite Yankee Ted Lilly the fan support that he deserves. The name,"CharmedForever61" was inspired by Ted being "charmed" with potential to become a really great pitcher in a few years to come. Plus, "Charmed" happens to be my favorite television show(Can't wait for the 2 hour premiere this thursday)and of course I added the #61 in honor of him. Jim, despite the problems we had, I hopethings will work out right between us:)Anyway, hi I'm back.

In case many of you are wondering why all of a sudden that I became a fan of his, here is the 411. My fandom started when I watched the August 18th game against Seattle, which Ted and the Yankees lost. As you can all remember ,Ted had pitched a really poor game and what caught me was his sensitivity(which is how I started feeling connected towards him).When he walked off the mound, it looked like the whole world was on his shoulders. Even the fans were booing him brutally. He even started crying too in the dugout and that made feel really sorry for him:(I still remember that moment so well in my head as I'm writing this. Somehow, Ted looked like that his heart was going to break with so much pain and agony. That made me start thinking like, "Poor Ted....I'm sure he did all he could."To tell you the truth, I wish I was at that game that day to give him a huge hug and lots of encouragement to get him back in his game. Also what turned me on about him was when I was on other boards, people were saying that Ted felt like that he had put his team down and that he may have been depressed and crying still after that bad outing. But hey, he did well last week and tonight he gets the chance to start so lets all stick behind him and have faith:)I will always support Ted throughout good and bad.

Moreover, I started a Yahoo Ted Lilly club in August and the membership keeps on growing...lol. Even Teds dad posts there. He is a really cool guy. He even left pics of him and Ted in the photo album,too. That's nice. If you guys want to join, here is the link. See ya all there:)

Virtually Ted Lilly


And here is the neat part:

Can't you believe that Ted and I are both Capricorns with Aquarius moons. His rising sun is in Aquarius, while mine is in Scorpio with Aquarius traits since it was in Uranus during the time I was born. That's why I felt that strong connection towards him on the night of August 18th. So anyway let me go and I'll definitely chat with you all on the message boards. Take care:)

Your's truly


10-02-01, 11:23 AM
:) Welcome back! :) I have hopes for Ted, I think he's got a lot of promise.

10-02-01, 03:05 PM
Welcome back!

10-02-01, 05:06 PM
Hi Charmed...Do you like Todd Zeile by any chance? :lol:

10-02-01, 08:43 PM
Listen buddy

I aint Zeilerules:D

At least I gotta brain.

10-03-01, 01:34 PM
:lol:...I was scared that was gonna go over your head, glad it didn't ;)

10-03-01, 06:37 PM
welcome back :)

10-03-01, 07:23 PM
welcome back :D

10-03-01, 07:48 PM
Thanks guys:)

# 21 Forever
10-03-01, 08:26 PM
Welcome back Charmed! Glad you decided to return! :)

10-03-01, 10:33 PM
Welcome back :)

10-05-01, 09:45 PM
Hey Charmed! Welcome back even though this is probably our first time meeting! I like Ted Lilly too :D ! He puts his heart into the game and I like him for that! I look forward to seeing you around!

10-06-01, 01:40 PM
:NY: WB and enjoy...

10-07-01, 08:45 PM
Welcome back. BTW, I saw Lilly beat the Tribe this year.

Jersey Yankee
10-07-01, 11:30 PM
Wasn't "Welcome Back" the song from that "Welcome Back, Kotter" show from the '70s? The one with Vinny Barbarino?

Anyway, glad to see you back and happy you're here again, things work out for the better this time. Hope to see you happily posting away so enjoy!!!