View Full Version : Just how involved was Tom Seaver with the Yankees?

Jersey Yankee
09-10-01, 07:33 PM
I remember hearing that after Seaver left the Mets due to him being left on waivers and not brought back when another team claimed him, he'd had W #300 at The Stadium some time around '83 or '84. After this, I remember him having been in the broadcast booth for Yankee games.

I was trying to see how involved he was with the Yankees, who did he share broadcasting duties with, years, anything. I'm just trying to get some information down, since I was just curious.

Thanks all.

09-11-01, 12:01 AM
Seaver won #300 at the Stadium in 1985. He was a Yankee announcer from 1989 to 1993, working with Rizzuto. The Scooter and Seaver seemed to get along quite well in the booth, and their banter displayed a mutual respect and affection between them. Seaver also was an advocate of Phil deserving to get into the Hall of Fame. I do remember Phil, whenever he wanted to tease his broadcast sidekick, would always start his remarks with "Hey Seaver!..."

As I recall, before broadcasting for the Yanks, he did some broadcasting for NBC, and worked the 1978 World Series (Yanks vs Dodgers).

Jersey Yankee
09-11-01, 03:51 AM
Thanks so much. If ever there was a Mets player who could never be called "Mut", it was Terrific. I appreciate the time and effort spent writing this.