View Full Version : Conversation with Stengal, Rivers, and Ricky Henderson

Sixty one
09-01-01, 12:10 PM
I would love to have heard a conversation with those three Yankees. Can you imagine the three of them talking baseball on TV with someone like Bobby Murcer? I would love to hear from you Yankee fans especially the older ones who remember Stengel and Rivers. What would it be like?

09-01-01, 01:04 PM
I don't know. All I know is that I would give almost anything to talk with Stengel, my all time favorite Baseball personality

Slippery Elm
09-01-01, 01:34 PM
Maybe they can also bring in Tim McCarver so he can talk about shoes, and tomatoes - his current obsession on Fox5.

09-01-01, 11:48 PM
This would be a typical response when a reporter would ask Stengel "why did you pinch hit for Carey in the eight inning"?

Why? Cause my guy can't hit that good curve from the right side that their guy throws that they brought in. I don't know if my other guy could hit it, but I know the guy up there can't so they don't know either so that gives my guy the advantage since their guys don't know.