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06-05-00, 12:07 AM
S & K (Sterling, I think) had this proposal on the Dh rule and I was In & out of the room with the radio, so I am not sure if they meant for the interleague play or as a permanent rule to unite the leagues, but I found the idea quite interesting.

Everyone begins the game with a DH and when the starter comes out of the game, whenever that may be, you lose the dh and pitcher goes in that slot.

It brings back in some of the managerial chess playing in the late innings, manipulating the batting order and strategically changing pitchers according to the batting slot. It allows the starters at least to rest and not have to be out there running bases. I thought it was an interesting blend.

06-05-00, 03:22 AM
That is interesting. If the proposed rule were in effect, I think I'd begin the game with the DH hitting in the ninth spot, or I'd at least consider having the DH hit ninth. I wouldn't want to risk having a pitcher hitting in the usual DH spot, depending on the game, that could kill a rally or use the bench up in a hurry. You're right, it would sure make you manage your line-up differently.

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06-05-00, 07:33 AM
Dump the DH.

There's only one game a year where this rule makes sense... the All-Star game.

06-05-00, 03:26 PM
I'd rather not have the DH or interleague games, but since the DH and interleague play is here to $tay.......forever, there is one thing I'd like to see happen. This has probably been suggested before....I'd like to see the host team play by the opposing teams league rules. For example, when the Yanks host the Braves I'd like to see the Yankee pitchers have to hit in Yankee Stadium, I think that would be more entertaining than watching them hit in Atlanta. The interleague games are nothing more than a gimmick anyway, so why not have the AL pitchers hit at home or have the NL teams use the DH at home? I think that would give the host fans a little better feel for how the opposing league plays ball.

06-05-00, 05:09 PM
What I've never been able to understand is why the dh in one league, and not the other? That has never made any sense to me. Personally, I'd like to see the dh ditched.

06-05-00, 11:44 PM
Great idea, Okie. How bout this:

Start the game with the DH. However, when the pitcher comes out, the DH goes with him; in other words, you change pitchers, you must change DH's too -- this way you can get more players in your game, and you have to rely on the bench more too.

I think, too, the "average" fan likes the DH. I've commented before on how most people would much rather come to the ballpark to see Edgar Martinez hit a few out than to see a 2-1 5-hit ballgame. Not me, personally; I'd be just as happy if they gave it up, if it weren't for all the players who'd be out of a job because of it.

06-10-00, 12:52 AM
I will gladly dig the ditch, if someone will kindly throw the DH rule into it.