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08-22-01, 09:07 AM
Someone on my Moose forum asked if anyone knows what Ron Guidry is up to these days. I have no clue, so I thought I'd ask the experts here. Do any of you know what Guidry is doing now?


08-22-01, 09:13 AM
Last year or the year prior he was working as the pitching coach for an independent minor league team in Louisiana called the Lafayette Bayou Bullfrogs, the team no longer exists but he still lives in Lafayette.

He's recently hosted a golf tournament for charity and is part of an upcoming Sports memorabilia auction for charity

He was at Spring Training this year

08-22-01, 02:18 PM
Thanks for the info -- I appreciate it!

08-22-01, 03:09 PM
My pleasure,

Gator was one of my favorite players growing up and still is so I was also curious.
I called a local TV and a local radio station in Lafayette and they both say that he's just hanging out that he does alot of charity work and some work with the University of Lafayette baseball team, nothe with the players and some fundrasing although he has no official capacity.

Slippery Elm
08-23-01, 05:11 PM
Guidry should have a Day and get his number retired, if not a plaque in Monument Park. Same with Stottlemyre, and maybe Roy White and Graig Nettles.

I think White left the Yankee organization with some acrimony. Anyone recall??

08-26-01, 03:48 PM
Just turn to page 46 of the July issue of Yankees Magazine...it's a great piece on Louisiana Lightning...