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Minor League Report (stats as of Aug. 13) Nick Johnson, 1B (6-3, 225) Age: 21
Carlos Pena, 1B (6-2, 210) Age: 22

Virtually everything about these two is the same. They're only four months apart in age (Pena turned 22 in May, Johnson will be 22 in September), they're both excellent fielders, both are expected to be .300 hitters with 20- to 30-home run power, and both are expected to be starting in the majors next year. The only real difference is the organizations for which they play. Pena is at Class AAA Oklahoma with the Rangers and Johnson is at Class AAA Columbus for the Yankees.

Neither one is having a great year in their first full season at Class AAA, but their numbers are encouraging.

Johnson is hitting just .259, but he has 18 doubles, 18 homers, 48 RBIs and nine stolen bases after missing the entire 2000 season with a wrist injury. While his strikeout total is high (97), his walk total (74) is also high. The free passes have allowed him to compile a .408 on-base percentage, an impressive number considering the low batting average. He's basically John Olerud with more power. Many feel he will contend for Gold Gloves because of his good feet and soft hands.

Pena is hitting just .265, but he has 29 doubles, three triples, 17 home runs and 51 RBIs. His slugging percentage is .506 and he's getting on base at a .372 clip. He also has a very good eye at the plate despite striking out 111 times already this season. Pena has a little more speed than Johnson, but that probably won't matter much.

Tino Martinez is a free agent at the end of the season, which should open the door for Johnson in the Bronx. There has been a lot of speculation about the Yankees courting Jason Giambi in the offseason, but an outfielder -- say, Barry Bonds -- would be a better fit. Johnson will be more than ready to play every day next season and he'll be a better rookie than Alfonso Soriano -- and we know how well the Yankees' second baseman has played this year.

The Rangers don't have anyone on their current roster who can take over the role Andres Galarraga was supposed to fill this season. Pena would be a great fit, splitting time between first base and DH with Rafael Palmeiro. With the Rangers expected to spend their money on pitching in the offseason, Pena figures to get a shot. There has been some speculation that oft-injured left fielder Rusty Greer will be shifted into a first base-DH platoon with Palmeiro, which could prompt the Rangers to try the athletic Pena in left field.

Either way, Johnson and Pena will both be very productive major league hitters.

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By the 2003 or 2004 season, the Rangers and Yankees could have the best infields in baseball. The Yanks could have Johnson-Soriano-Jeter-Henson, and the Rangers would have Pena-Michael Young-Rodriguez-Mark Teixiera (their top pick in the 2001 draft). If the Rangers could ever get some pitching, they could have a really good team a couple years down the road. The Yanks system is already well stocked with young pitchers, particularly left-handers (Claussen, Graman, Flores, Keisler)

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:NY: Thanks for the link very good read. Interesting. :cool: