View Full Version : Zooper Fans must die...

08-13-01, 03:27 PM
Last night I went to my first Staten Island Yankees game at the new Richmond County Bank Ballpark (while listening to the Oakland debacle on my walkman at the same time, of course) and I was half amused, half-disgusted by these ridiculous blow-up characters called the "Zooper Fans" I guess.

Have any of you who've been to minor league events seen these things? Names like "Shark McGwire", "Harry Canary", "Roger 'Clam'ens" (who actually *consumes* one of the players as part of his mid-inning routine and then spits out his helmet and shinguards... yukyuk). etc.

I'm all for seeing the up-and-comers at an affordable price but... I dunno... am I just being overly cynical? (as usual)


08-13-01, 03:39 PM
I've seen thses guys, and as far as minor league entertainment goes, they are not too bad. I kind of liked the play on words for the names, in fact, we still refer to Mark McGwire as Shark McGwire in our house from time to time. The Clam'ens thing must be new, I can't quite imagine that.

Believe me, there are a lot of guys out there worse than the Zooper's. Earlier this season I saw the worst Austin Powers guy ever. The only good thing was that he gave away a lot of tickets to future games.

Where's Max Patkin when you need him??????

Jim F.
08-13-01, 06:00 PM
I thought everyone went to Minor League games for the entertainment? I thought the game was an intermission, or something ;).


08-13-01, 11:47 PM
Wow, Cath, that's probably one of the corniest things I've ever heard.

(Note to self: Avoid zooper fans and blow-up dolls in general for reasons of general safety and mental wellness.)