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W168 & Broadway
08-12-01, 11:06 AM
In the "win all" culture of today's society, I have come to feel that the pennants The Yankees won, but did not lead to Series victories get more and more overlooked. Being the "League Champion" is still quite an accomplishment. It is not like the other sports. People do remember who lost the series. Ask the '51 Giants, '67 Red Sox, the Boys of Summer, and even The Yankees of the '20's. Thier WS record was 3 - 3. yet they laid the foundation for the Dynasty. True to validate a great team--'27 Yanks, '98 Yanks etc. the job has to be finished. But let's not forget the times the defending League Champs flew a pennant. :NY:

08-12-01, 07:33 PM
We dont settle for anything but another WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.
If you dont believe me ,Just ask BIG GEORGE.:D :) :cool: :NY: :gulp: