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08-11-01, 07:54 AM
Babe Ruth hits HR No. 500 off Willis Hudlin of Cleveland.

Willis Hudlin a RP played in the Major League from 1926 - 1940 and played for the Indians, Senators, Browns and Giants.

His Statistics:

Innings Pitched: 2613
W-L: 158-156
ERA: 4.41

Lately alot has been said about the poor choice of players being inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, the HOF got it right with its inaugural induction in 1939:

The Baseball Hall of Fame opened in Cooperstown, New York, one summer day in 1939 with its first class of inductees. From left to right, they are as follows: (seated) Eddie Collins, Babe Ruth, Connie Mack, and Cy Young; (standing) Honus Wagner, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Tris Speaker, Napoleon Lajoie, George Sisler, and Walter Johnson. Missing is Ty Cobb, the only inductee to gather more votes than Ruth.

C:\Jimbo's NY Yankees Folder\Babe Ruth HOF Induction circa 1939.gif

Now that is what I would call a worthy inductee list!

08-11-01, 12:39 PM
That is a great list.

Slippery Elm
08-11-01, 07:22 PM
I know that picture, even if it didn't show up. The Babe needs new socks, and Alexander looks hung over. Cobb was being obnoxious again and missed the picture; no doubt everyone was pleased.

Christy Mathewson is also missing, being dead.

08-14-01, 01:20 AM
Christy tied the Babe with 2nd most HOF votes. They were voted in the hall in 1936, but had to wait till it was built to go in.

08-14-01, 09:55 AM
Now THAT is an induction ceremony I would love to have attended !! IT's also a list of players, the calibre of which we will not see again...Now the best the hall can come up with is one or two really good players every now and then...

Thanks for posting Jimbo !!

08-14-01, 06:26 PM
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