View Full Version : the Official Yankees' facebook page

03-11-10, 07:56 AM
Have any of you guys 'friended' or 'joined' that group? :o

On the one hand, it's a lot of good, timely information in regards to lineups, post-game reporting, and just the official, company line-type stuff. Good reading to prep your frame of mind before you come to place like this to vent ;) ...

But....Have you read the commentary to those posts that follow each and every time?

I'd post some of it here, but my account would get suspended. I can't believe the Yankees are allowing this to propogate like that. It really doesn't reflect well on the organization...

I mean, every link off the page links directly back to the MLB sanctioned, Yankee website. It's the real deal, or a very strong facsimile.

03-11-10, 09:57 AM
I don't go for "fan" pages or apps on facebook, since they can put your info out there for any schmo to pick up. Plenty of good blogs, etc. out there to get me revved up pre-game...that and the thought of Youk taking one off the dome or getting bodyslammed by Porcello usually gets my adrenaline pumped!

03-11-10, 10:26 AM
Facebook comments are like Yahoo news, IMBD, YouTube comments, and the like. They're always really bad and really, really stupid. Bottom rung of the internet. Don't worry about it.