View Full Version : Squeaks and Legends Make Deal

07-31-09, 07:40 PM
Squeaks Get:

J.D. Drew, OF
Kyle Drabek, SP (minors)

Legends Get:

Ervin Santana, SP
Jaime Garcia, SP (minors)

Squeaks feel that they are greatly upgrading their minor league system once again, which is their goal at this point. We really like Drabek as a prospect and we're happy to add him.

07-31-09, 07:52 PM
While it was tough to trade Drabek away, we needed to find a way to improve our rotation, albeit taking a major risk in Ervin Santana. However, there is a chance he could right himself. In addition, we also get a great pitching prospect in Jaime Garcia and we feel that he will have a great future.

07-31-09, 09:20 PM