View Full Version : Alex Graman evens his record at 8 & 8.

07-25-01, 09:56 AM
Graman rated as the Yankees top left handed pitching prospect, who has not lived up to expectations this year goes 8 inns 5 hts 5 k`s in a 19-2 win over New Haven. Hope he has a big 2nd half and moves up to Columbus next year.The Yankees organization compares Graman to Pettite.

07-25-01, 01:47 PM
Interesting rumor that the Reds had scouts at that game to watch Graman, possibly as part of a deal for Young.

Guess they got an eyeful, huh?

07-26-01, 04:29 PM
They better not trade him....I follow all the prospects in the Yankee orginization and hate it when they go.....I'm still steaming over Wily Mo Pena and Jackson Melian wearing reds uniforms....:mad: