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01-27-00, 01:11 PM
hmmm, that's the rumor, since his teammates apparently expect trouble in the club house... word is jays are leading candidate for his services....

mmmm how sweet huh... poor guy is he gets shipped to canada, then he'll be the foreigner he has so much contempt and distatse for... not to mention toronto has an extemely diverse population... Plus he'd have to come to New York at the beginning and end of the season, 4/28-4/30 & 9/12-9/14

should here something in a few weeks...

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01-27-00, 01:22 PM
Personally I think Montreal would be a perfect place for him. He has such distaste for people who don't speak English. He'd be the odd man out there now wouldn't he? I wonder how good his french is? LMAO!!!

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01-27-00, 01:43 PM
Can't the braves like sell him to Japan or something.. http://www.yankeesboard.com/ubb/cool.gif I think Montreal would be good for him. I still think Japan is where he belongs.. far far far away from MLB as he can get..

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01-27-00, 04:26 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Tino24:
Can't the braves like sell him to Japan or something.. http://www.yankeesboard.com/ubb/cool.gif I think Montreal would be good for him. I still think Japan is where he belongs.. far far far away from MLB as he can get..

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01-28-00, 10:33 AM
If Rocker goes to Japan, he better watch out for female drivers.

01-28-00, 09:29 PM
LMAO Yankeeg! Aye Matey, make'im walk the plank I say. Ship'im off to Katmandu where the Hottentots trot! He'll be happier there!

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01-31-00, 07:36 PM
In case it hasn't been posted yet (I haven't checked), Rocker has been suspended til May 1, complete with a fine and ban from spring training.

Can't say I feel sorry for him. He deserves it.


01-31-00, 07:43 PM
As a ex-Brave fan and a person personally offended when meeting him last season, I say send him to Cuba! Liven' la'vita loca. (or something like that). http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/smile.gif

01-31-00, 11:12 PM
The way things are going, soon the Braves won't be able to give him away. The most they'd probably get for him is a taped-up bat and a gallon of Gatorade. With a sweat sock to be named later.

02-01-00, 09:58 AM
What the rocker did is unforgiving. But we all know, anyone who can throw a baseball 95+ mph left handed will find a job in ML. Like someone who can hit ML pitching 400+ feet.

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02-01-00, 07:46 PM
According to the cartoons in the TIMES, the Russians won't even take him. http://www.Bronx-Bombers.com/ubb/smile.gif

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02-14-00, 04:08 PM
Rocker would be a steal for some "low key" team. Milwaukee and Minesotta come to mind. Very few "foreigners" low press coverage, no subways etc.

Some GM will try to get him now while the Braves are still red faced with embaressment. The guy is a MORON but he can pitch.

I think we can trust that MLB teams will overcome reservations about "PR" problems and find a place for Rocker.

As far as the suspension goes I disagree with it. It is easy to defend free speach when we agree with the speach. It is not so easy to do it when we have to extend that right to those we disagree with. I think that Rocker is an insulting fool he has a right to speak as he did.

Rocker will pay a big enough penalty without intervention from the league. Just as he has a right to speak like an insulting jerk, everyone else on the planet has a right to respond in kind.

I will be surprised if he goes to Montreal but it would be funny. So far playing in the Cuban league sounds like the best suggestion.
That would give John Rocker to see what it is like to live in a country without "free speach" or any other freedom.

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bronx keed
02-15-00, 10:48 AM
is he on the trading block or the choppping block..If theres a place for a dennis rodman, believe, theres a place for a john rocker..some desperate team will be glad to have him on the roster..maybe part of the deal will include that his tongue be removed..


02-15-00, 12:46 PM
Despite the fact that he's a **** head, he's still a damn good pitcher...

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02-15-00, 07:31 PM
First of all there has to be a team that wants to assume all of the negative baggage Rocker is going to bring with him. True he has a 98 mph fastball, but will it be worth all the negatives he's going to bring with him? But in retrospect, yeah, somebody will bid for him. He's big, powerful and at 250K the right price.

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02-18-00, 08:41 PM
I hope Rocker doesn't get traded to the Yankees. That'll be a low blow if he does come here especially when this team has a group of classy individuals.


02-18-00, 09:50 PM
Who, in their right mind, would want this bigot on their team? He is nothing but trouble.

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02-19-00, 05:20 PM
You can FUGEDABOUDIT! Now his teammates are backing away and talking about giving him another chance. Even the ones who really came out against him are saying they don't have to like him, but they can play with him. Rocker will be doing the chop in 2000.

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03-04-00, 08:54 PM
I hope the Braves use there head. I hope they will trade Rocker to Montreal, that would be nice, he would be the odd-ball in fact.

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