View Full Version : Congrats to Johnny Damon on his six for six day!

06-08-08, 12:37 AM
He's been getting props in his megathread, but I know a lot of people won't bother to look in there, so I thought it was worth a dedicated thread up here. :cool:

Going six for six is a rare enough feat. According to Anthony diComo on Yankees.com (http://newyork.yankees.mlb.com/news/gameday_recap.jsp?ymd=20080607&content_id=2860977&vkey=recap&fext=.jsp&c_id=nyy):

... no Yankee had done it since Myril Hoag back in 1934. Only one other player -- Omar Vizquel in 2004 -- had ever achieved the feat at Yankee Stadium, and no one from the home team had ever done so in the Bronx.In this case, Damon's contribution was also vital to the Yankees' winning the game—his hits included a 2-RBI game-tying hit when they were down 10-8 in the eighth, and of course the game winner in the ninth!

I'll repeat a link I posted in the Damon megathread: Damon tied an AL record for most hits in a nine-inning game. In all, just 92 players—and just 62 since 1900—have had at least six base hits in nine; of those, only two NL guys managed seven. Here's the list:


And here are the caps I posted in the Team Hero thread:

http://users.erols.com/kcoblenz/60708DamonWalkoffRBISingle1.jpg http://users.erols.com/kcoblenz/60708DamonWalkoffRBISingle2.jpg

http://users.erols.com/kcoblenz/60708HappyYankees1.jpg http://users.erols.com/kcoblenz/60708DamonPostgame1.jpg

06-08-08, 03:09 AM
I already did this in the Damon thread in ITL, but have to give it up to Johnny D. I really thought after his poor '07 and his rough start that he was in a serious decline phase. He's unstoppable right now. Like the high socks too!

06-08-08, 03:30 PM
Johnny Damon is playing really well this year if he keeps this good pace will be hard to let him go next year.