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02-28-08, 08:49 AM

Sportsline is very minimalist in their answers to questions. Sometimes there's a lot of back and forth to try to get the information needed.

SO...At first it seemed that we would be using Sportsline, no problem. THEN...since we couldn't pre-rank players, we'd have to use FantasyAuctioneer.com in case people couldn't make the auction. (Since FantasyAuctioneer.com lets you pre-rank)

BUT...I heard from someone else that maybe we could use Sportsline after all, and save the $44.95 that FantasyAuctioneer.com would charge us.

SO...here is the (hopefully) final story.

1) Sportsline does not let you manually pre-rank the players by dollar values. However...

2) Sportsline has default auction values for 306 players (batters and pitchers combined). In a 12-team league with 23 players, that's 276 players needed, so 306 should be sufficient.

To see the default values, go to the main league page at Sportsline, and under "Draft Prep" you will see "Auction Values". They would use "Mixed $" as our rankings. I have looked at them, and they look pretty decent. For example, A-Rod $45; Reyes $43; Peavy $30; Jeter $22.

I worked some numbers, averaging a few Fantasy Baseball magazines, and for the same players, came up with: A-Rod $41-44; Reyes $37-41; Peavy $32-33; Jeter $25-28. So Sportsline is pretty much in line. Higher on a few, lower on a few, which is what you'd expect.

3) If an owner can not attend the live auction, Sportsline can pick players for them, just like in a "regular" (serpentine) draft. They will bid for players, based on a team's needs and available budget. They will stop bidding once the bid hits the default values (see above).

Say THEBOSS84 can't make the auction. The computer bids for him, and the computer's last bid for Jeter is $18. Nobody bids $19, so THEBOSS84 gets Jeter for $18. (Not the $22 default value...that is only the bid limit).

SO....my final decision is -- we will be using Sportsline. It will hopefully make things go easier and smoother. Our rosters will be automatically added without me having to do it, and it will save us $44.95

IF anyone has any questions or issues with the system, please address them in this thread.


02-28-08, 11:28 AM
I'm good with it. I'll probably be able to make it; but if I don't I feel pretty comfortable with the values I see for some of the win this year players.

Snatch Catch
02-28-08, 04:15 PM
Should we drop everyone off our teams except our keepers?

02-28-08, 05:07 PM
Should we drop everyone off our teams except our keepers?

No, I will take care of that. :D

03-04-08, 06:36 AM
From the poll we took...


PLEASE mark your calendars...