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Jim F.
07-02-01, 10:01 AM
<img src="http://www.bronx-bombers.com/img/currents.gif" alt="0" border="0"><p><font color="#660000" face="arial" size="3"><b><a href="http://www.bronx-bombers.com/go.php?to=columns/currents.php?179bbfatm">Clippers Currents: Clippers stocked up with youth and veterans</a></b></font><br><font face="verdana, arial" size="1" color="#333333">July 2, 2001</font></p><font face="arial" size="2" color="#000000">Veteran slugger Patrick Lennon was signed by the Clippers to ignite their offense. A slow start, and a lack of patience led to his release. Veteran reliever Brian Williams and journeyman starter Chad Ogea might also want to start looking over their shoulders if they don't turn things around soon. And no one can - or wants to own up to - exactly what's fired up shortstop Erick Almonte. But here's a good guess: the trade of D'Angelo Jimenez to San Diego has cleared the path for Almonte, making him feel like he's finally a part of the Yankees future.</font>
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07-03-01, 04:37 PM
How can Almonte feel like the Yankees future when the player who's place he is taking, was dealt away because there is already someone at that position?! Soriano is the Yankee second baseman for at least the next ten years.