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05-17-00, 07:20 AM

Sorry to bring this up here, but I got busted yesterday for e-mailing in school and so I'm not going to chance e-mailing you, and I'm not getting home until 6 tonight.

I sent you my latest article on Monday at 8:30 in the morning, and I notice it isn't up yet.

I know you do the best you can, and I don't mean to rag on you or anything, but it is kind of topical, and after the game tonight ends, it's kind of useless. I just thought that maybe you missed it? Don't worry about the chart-thing that I had, if that's your problem, you can just rephrase that in sentence form if you need to.

I know that you're busy, and I'm not mad or anything. Just curious.

(YF "wondering" 36)

05-17-00, 02:31 PM

I never got it. I was wondering why I never saw one; but I never received anything.

05-17-00, 09:50 PM
Oh. That would explain things.

Well, there's no point in resending it now, so I'll just get you the Cleveland story tomorrow.

(YF "whoops" 36)