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03-21-07, 09:58 AM
OK...I went through and manually added everyone to the rosters.

I also slotted players so that everyone has a legal roster. Since there is no bench in this league, it really doesn't matter if I put, for example, Jose Reyes at SS, MI, or DH. I just wanted to get rid of all the illegal roster notices so I could make sure I didn't mess up the lineups.

You should be able to make changes to your rosters now, at least moving players around from CI to MI to DH.

While rosters are correct (I hope), dollar values are not, at least for people picked up in the auction. That is another step I need to do. But for now, at least the players are correct.


FREE FOR ALL DAY is April 1 -- Opening Day.
You may not add/drop players until April 1.
I will time waivers so that everyone should clear by that day.

03-21-07, 10:34 AM
Dollar values should now be correct as well.

Please let me know if you find any errors.