View Full Version : SF Giants and Pacific Bell Park

05-12-00, 01:51 PM
For the record, the Yanks are my first and only love. The Giants ... well, we're Just Friends. My National League team, y'know?

Now that the Giants have figured out how to win at home, the baseball is REALLY stirring here at the City by the Bay. After starting the season 4-11, San Francisco went 14-3 and is in second place. Somebody must have told the starting pitchers that they were ... well, starting pitchers because they've kept their team in the game until the offense (not just Barry Bonds anymore) can score runs.

The turning point was the 4-game sweep of the Mets at Pac Bell Park. The shift in momentum was palpable, and the fans sensed it (even the corporate lackey types sitting in the MVP section). A great turnaround in what has been called by national sportscasters the best ballpark in the majors.

If the pitching holds up, they will contend for the wild card and (maybe) for the NL West. Watch these guys.

05-12-00, 02:14 PM
how bout that dynamic duo of bonds and kent...

kent has gotta be the most underrated player in the game... and bonds, in my humble view is simply the greatest player in the game... what's he got 2 or 3 splash shots already... he seems to be inspired by all the hype over what's his face in cincinatti coming to the nl...

the return of estes didn't hurt neither... my nl team is the expos, but in the nlwest, i'm pullin for bonds and kent to blow that division wide open... i like showalter matt williams and love the unit, but i'm still not big on the dbacks... although they may pose the best threat to unseat the chopheads... them or the cards...