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  1. Fox TV vs. ESPN radio -- The ASG experience
  2. Jeter All Star Game Edition Jumpman Clutch sneakers/cleats (pics)
  3. Dammit, I'm Mike Freaking Lupica!
  4. Let's See The Boss in the Hall, soon.
  5. Player "days" at the stadium?
  6. MLB Extra Innings Free Preview
  7. Sunday 7/20 Yankees/A's game on TBS
  8. MY NY Yankees All Star BP Jerseys
  9. What happened to Kay?
  10. NYT Columnist compares now to '65
  11. Condolences to Jim Kaat and family
  12. Questions from New Yankee Fan
  13. Stadium Parking
  14. 2008 Old Timers Day
  15. TICKETS For fenway series this weekend
  16. Sunscreen Now Allowed in Yankee Stadium
  17. 25 years later, George Brett still remembers Pine Tar Game (7-24-1983)
  18. Any Tips for Autograph Seekers?
  19. places to watch yankee games in montreal?
  20. Kei Igama Signed Baseball 70% Off
  21. HR Derby and ASG on DVD
  22. George King article today (NY Post)
  23. Stadium Tour question
  24. Should i be upset ? ? ?
  25. Goose Gossage goes into Cooperstown today (Sun, July 27, 2008)
  26. Happy Birthday, A-Rod!
  27. Will the Boss go into the Hall?
  28. Anybody know the new dancing old guy?
  29. Tickets question
  30. Yankee tickets for Sale
  31. On the radio...
  32. What was the comotion on the field tonight?
  33. Pudge's Yankee #
  34. 2008 Old-Timers' Day Roster
  35. McSweeney's Rejects Mooses Work - The Onion
  36. Is Bernie ever gonna comeback to old Yankee Stadium?
  37. DVD's of individual seasons/games
  38. My Old Timer's Day Pictures
  39. Dynasty Highlights
  40. New Yankee's DVD "The New York Yankees: Essential Games of Yankee Stadium"
  41. Anyone interested in a copy of the Old Timers Day
  42. PC richards whistle after K
  43. Craig Carton from Carton & Boomer
  44. In the stands on 8/6/79 (The Bobby Murcer Game)
  45. Red Sox fan sues Yankees over injuries
  46. Postseason Ticketing - When Do The Yankees Decide to Sell Tickets
  47. Ramon Vazquez on the Rangers, looks like...?
  48. Question about going to see the Yankees in Baltimore
  49. Who's going down to Anaheim this weekend?
  50. Have Lunch With JOBA!
  51. Amazing Five Tool Prospect! A Future Yankee?
  52. A Scranton manager's son dies
  53. YES Network moving on DirecTV
  54. what souvenir/memorabilia are you saving from the final season of Yankee Stadium?
  55. Exhibition games in new Stadium prior to Opening Day
  56. 60 Years ago today
  57. Yankee Batting Stances - Very Funny Video
  58. will outside food be banned in NYS?
  59. Day of tickets?
  60. Why Bobby Abreu is scared of outfield walls
  61. Citi Park vs New Yankee Stadium costs
  62. Yankee Bashing and Peter Abraham
  63. A-Rod reacts to cancer patient's death
  64. monument park
  65. Batting Pracitce in Baltimore
  66. Taxi fares after the game...
  67. 2009 interleague opponents
  68. I guess I missed this?
  69. No relocation info, no dough - a small protest
  70. Is there such a thing as a "True Yankee"?
  71. Things you would rather happen than the red sox winning another world series:
  72. how do you feel if the Mets and not Yankees make the postseason
  73. Comical Pavano Numbers
  74. Funny Kim Jones Picture!
  75. New Yankee Stadium Seating Chart!!!
  76. anyone selling Yankees Old Timer's Day jersey?
  77. Section 39?
  78. Petition to rid WCBS Radio of John Sterling
  79. Booing Players - Boo Birds 2
  80. Cops Eject Man from YS for Trying to Use the Bathroom During "God Bless America"
  81. Last Game At Current Yankee Stadium
  82. Giambino'd great day writeup
  83. season tickets for non current season ticket holders?
  84. When The World Is Running Down (my last trip to the stadium)
  85. Red Sox fan fights with the wrong cop
  86. Photo's from the Last Redsox/Yanks game
  87. New Stadium Preview DVD
  88. College yankee talk
  89. Looking for Video of Paul Simon at Yankee Stadium
  90. Will There Be a Rookie Hazing This Year?
  91. Yankees Ticket Office - Response time for Inquiries
  92. September Schedule- Question
  93. just in case you're here (no hitter) ...
  94. Phony Joba in NJ
  95. Posada "Centerstage" taping on Monday 9/15
  96. Sports bars in the City
  97. Yankees forget to honor somebody?
  98. Batting Practice Autographs
  99. I Know You Guys Can Help Me! (Re: My First Game!)
  100. A bit of nostalgia, thinking about the Stadium
  101. Dynasty Photo?
  102. Yankees 2008, Losing on Purpose?
  103. My Yankee Stadium Memory
  104. Bernie Williams to return at final YS game
  105. Poll: Relcoation
  106. What's the story with the new caps?
  107. Derek Jeter on SNL Videos?
  108. Double Dipping with the Yankees, My Pictures from Both Games of the DH
  109. Hard tix vs. email tix (question)....
  110. Here's how the Yankees' season went bad (article)
  111. Nice Lou Gehrig memory
  112. ESPN for the last stadium game? Hell no!
  113. A truly great idea for the last game...
  114. My last game
  115. Daily News: City "manipulated" system for new Yankee Stadium
  116. Rose vs. Jeter
  117. The Hidden Yankee Stadium
  118. What I'm Doing Before the Game Thursday
  119. pulling the lever...
  120. 2009 Yankees Schedule Released! [Merged]
  121. parts of Yankee Stadium you havent seen (SI.com)
  122. Monument Park and Bleacher Seats
  123. This Week's Sports Illustrated Article on the Stadium
  124. Roll Call For Last Game
  125. Same guy catches home run balls on consecutive nights
  126. Nov.9 closing ceremonies?
  127. Daily News Photographs of Yankee Stadium at the New York Public Library
  128. Stadium & Major Deegan Question
  129. They'll Even Sell The Urinals From The Stadium
  130. Yankee Stadium merchandise?
  131. Anything memorable for your last game at the Stadium?
  132. Will Call at Yankee Stadium
  133. Yankee Stadium song
  134. Need Help With Moments at Yankee Stadium
  135. Good Story About The Last Day At The Old Stadium
  136. Mariano Rivera wants stadium bullpen mementos
  137. Rookie Hazing?
  138. One Year Ago at the Stadium article(s)
  139. ESPN All Day Coverage of Yankee Stadium Finale DISCUSSION THREAD
  140. Where to find old scorecards?
  141. Yankee Stadium Pre-Game Ceremony Video?
  142. Last Game Article
  143. The Yankee Stadium Picture Thread
  144. Clemens and Torre snubbed?
  145. Are you guys buying anything from the Stadium?
  146. Any close-up shots of the "deceased" players from last night?
  147. Recordings of everything yesterday
  148. Will YES be showing the Pregame again?
  149. Yogi: Best video of the night
  150. Anyone know where I can get past World Series fitted hats?
  151. Mike Lupica is...
  152. My Story and Pictures from the Final Game
  153. Yankee baseball (video ) AWESOME!!
  154. DVD of YES Yankees Final Game Pre Game Ceremony
  155. Arrests at Yankee Stadium
  156. Any way of saving the pics from Yankees.com
  157. Does anyone have any multiple exposures of Yankee Stadium I want to make an HDR image
  158. Last Game - Not so fast
  159. Did the Yanks end up doing the Rookie Hazing?
  160. For those that attended the "Last Game"
  161. Any news on the upcoming Yankee metro-north station?
  162. 'Fan Steals Derek Jeter' - Onion Article
  163. What's your Final Season Stadium Record?
  164. Post game show torrent from the last game at the Stadium is up
  165. MY 2008 yanks photo art
  166. Torrent not working
  167. Jeter Goodbye Digital Painting
  168. New Yankee Vacation Stadium
  169. YES Pre & post game torrents are back up and working.
  170. A look back at past discussions about the demolition of Yankee Stadium
  171. Who is broadcasting Sunday night's make-up game?
  172. Will the Yankees re-sign My9 again?
  173. McFarlane Figures 2009 Posada 3
  174. Yankee and Shea Closings
  175. Should Today Be A Meaningless (For The Team) Yankees Classic?
  176. Donnie Baseball: Torre Dissed
  177. NY Yankees Six essential games on DVD set
  178. Another Jeter Pic I made
  179. Leiter booed at Shea ceremonies
  180. The Yankees Have Not Clinched 16 World Championships at Home
  181. Question re a baseball board game
  182. Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation Gala Question
  183. Yankee Stadium Closing Ceremony: Nov. 9
  184. 30 years since Bucky's Big Game
  185. Why Yankee Stadium Should Have Been Renovated, Not Destroyed
  186. Goodbye ESPN's Baseball Tonight, hello MLB Channel
  187. Pictures from the last game at the stadium
  188. News source with no credibility claims A-rod uses hundred dollar bill as napkin (mod)
  189. Yankee Stadium Lego
  190. Yankees have played on Pins & Needles in Recent Playoffs
  191. New Yankee Dynasty Definition wallpaper
  192. Verizon FiOS and MLBEI?
  193. If You Could Go Back in Time to Watch One Yankees Team for a Season, Which Team?
  194. If You Could Go Back in Time to Watch One Yankees World Series clinching game in....
  195. The Official Tampa Bay Rays Playoff fan club
  196. Lights were on at The Stadium tonight
  197. As in the Days of Frank Lary, Detroit Beats New York
  198. Yankees history for today
  199. What ARE Oridinary People?
  200. Lou Gehrig figure
  201. Is A-Rod Better Than Gehrig?
  202. Sad News: Molina's father has passed away
  203. Bob Sheppard's Line-Ups, 6th Game '51 World Series, 4/25/1999
  204. Talent v. Achievement
  205. Michael Kay Show Music
  206. Roger Clemens Gives Back to the Community
  207. Is Larry Bowa Managing Los Angeles?
  208. Yankees merchandise
  209. A-Rod's' Incentives Are Wrong
  210. The WORST Defeat Ever
  211. Tom Tresh passes
  212. "New York, New York" after games
  213. 2003 ALCS Game 7 - Five Years Ago Today
  214. Tino Martinez & the Organizational Meetings
  215. Tom Tresh article/interview
  216. Some prints I have
  217. Yankees vs Red Sox in a neutral site
  218. Anyone see Jeter hanging out with Clemens on the Texas' sideline?
  219. Yankees and Cowboys are business partners!
  220. Red Sox Fan’s Home Vandalized By “Yankes” Fan
  221. One or the Other: Comfort or Victory
  222. Yankees to Open New Stadium Against the Cubs?
  223. Roger Belongs to the Red Sox
  224. Yankees Grooming Standards
  225. Former Yankees announcer arrested
  226. Yankees would Have moved out of Bronx?
  227. "At Rutgers, Yankee Stadium 101"
  228. Obama at Legends Field?
  229. A-rod rocking out in the new Guitar Hero commerical
  230. Help Needed - Wallpaper
  231. Review and Pictures from my Last Tour of Yankee Stadium
  232. Possible NY POST Yankees-Related Headlines
  233. Yankee/Red Sox rivalry - How real is it to you?
  234. Happy Halloween from Peter Abraham
  235. Excellent Jim Leyritz Article
  236. Seven Year Anniv. Nov. 4 2001: Game 7- What would you trade for a win?
  237. 2009 yankee stadium inaugural season logo on a tshirt
  238. Agents Preparing for Tax Increases (Impact on our FA signings)
  239. Yanks move home plate, rubber to new stadium
  240. Yankee Ear Flap Hat
  241. Old Yankee Stadium demolition thread
  242. My Pictures from the 2008 All Star Game
  243. Which would you rather see in person?
  244. Moose HOF: NYY or Orioles?
  245. Moose Pictures That I've Taken
  246. George Steinbrenner III
  247. Cool Yankee Gift Idea
  248. Tickets: all right, I give up!
  249. Bloomberg administration wheelin' and dealin' for luxury suite boxes
  250. How many older than 30 year old pitchers are on their 40 man roster(12-02-08) ?